🇫🇷 Monzo in France [Discussion]

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if only Monzo could influence the French petrol stations method of operating :slight_smile:

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Or even British ones… See: Morrison’s.

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Are they still playing up?


or not playing ball

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Noticed last week that even though Carrefour (supermarket) was advertising Apple Pay support, neither that nor contactless worked on both my Halifax Clarity and Monzo (obviously only contactless).

Chip & Pin worked fine though.

To do “shame and blame” it is this store in Les Menures, 3 valleys:


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If I remember right none of my UK cards worked contactlessly in France. This country has their own national card network called “Carte Bancaire” (literally “bank card”) in addition to MasterCard and Visa, and I believe many shops only use the national CB network for contactless, which works fine for local cards as they’ve got the CB application in addition to Visa/MasterCard but fails for our cards as we haven’t got the local CB nonsense.

Technically there’s nothing preventing them from accepting contactless both via CB and Visa/MasterCard (the terminal would just select the proper AID based on what the card supports) but this is France we’re talking about, so it will never happen.

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Does anyone have any experience of using monzo in Disneyland Paris?


Hey guys,

I’m going to France for a few weeks in July/August - Anybody had experience of using the Monzo Debit Card abroad? Do you get charged anywhere for using it, and are there any restrictions on where you can and can’t use it?

Many Thanks :slight_smile:


Monzo works fine in France. Take care to carry some cash as many merchants don’t accept cards for <€10; also contactless is not very wide spread but chip and pin is almost everywhere.

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Yes, it worked fine


Hey :slight_smile:

Just a quick query, are magstripe ATMs prevalent in France? If so, do you need to enable it via the app?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Not at all, they’re all EMV aka chip & PIN. :+1:

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Hi there

I’m new to Monzo and hoping to use it in france next week. I just wanted to know, can you see your transactions as you spend while abroad? The travel part of the site suggests that you get an update on how much you spent once you return to your home country?

Thanks for your help

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Hi @wpenn yes you’ll be able to see transactions as you spend abroad as long as you have internet access on your device

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Ive used in France before and will be next week. No problem at all!

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You get the update on how much you spent in France next time you use it in the UK.


Visited Strasbourg recently and so thought I’ll add my two pennies worth of my experience using Monzo.

Contrary to what some people said here, Monzo worked flawlessly for me - even contactless payments worked on terminals showing the contactless symbol (surprise!) where people said it didn’t work for them in the past! There were maybe the odd occasions where I had to fall back to chip and PIN.

TL;DR: Overall, it seems feasible to go cashless in (some part of) France, as I managed to pay for a :tea: with contactless when I thought I had to fork out some physical :euro:!

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I don’t think this is exactly the case. In my experience it’s as soon as you use it in a different country. Or it thinks you do… (If you use merchants based in different countries you’ll get a trip report… Breaking up your streak). Like this (I was in Germany but made one purchase at a shop with a Dutch registered terminal):

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I was very surprised that cards were accepted everywhere in Strasbourg but the city is becoming increasingly touristy compared to my visit the year before. A popular Chinese show (literally translates to “Chinese Restaurant” was recently filmed in Colmar (neighbouring town) when I visited again this year and the place was packed with mainlanders. The first season had 188 million viewers and nearly 2.8 billion views on social media, so I think it’ll be even busier next year. In contrast, some restaurants in Paris only took cash/ chip and pin.


Interesting fact - I didn’t know about that so thanks for sharing! :smile: That may well have explained why I saw swarm of Chinese/mainlander tourists everywhere, especially around Petite-France!

Do you know any reasons why they picked Colmar in particular? Colmar was a recommended spot to visit when I spoke to locals but I didn’t leave myself enough time to go. Maybe another trip is in order… :memo:

But to the main point, Mastercard acceptance was practically 100% for me, even though I’m sure there are probably still a few places where they only want cash. And as my visit was limited to Strasbourg only, I am cautious in saying going cashless is feasible everywhere!