Monzo in Costa Rica 🇨🇷

Hi everyone has anyone used Monzo in Costa Rica recently? I will be going in a few weeks and hoping to use my card to withdraw from atm as well as pay for things with it. Do any ATMs charge a local fee?

I used mine in an atm and got charged no fee forget which one it was.

My card was accepted everywhere, including the airport.

Excellent! Thanks. Won’t convert any money before I go in that case.

I’m in Costa Rica at the moment. I tried to take cash out at the Banco Nacional ATM and it wouldn’t work (mag swipe atms had been enabled on the app).

Then I went down the road to a BAC atm and didn’t have any issues.

Not sure if Banco Nacional was a one off issue or not, as I’ve only had to withdraw cash once so far

HI everyone, I went to Costa Rica recently, April 2019. Puerto Viejo, La Fortuna, Monteverde.

Just to add one more thing: almost everywhere I went accepted card - restaurants, cafes, ‘sodas’ (local family run restaurant typically), ‘tiendas’ (corner shop basically), supermarkets, national parks etc… Monzo worked perfectly.

Didn’t really need to withdraw that much cash really, but worked fine when we did need to (as per replies above)

Ditto for these comments. I went for 2 weeks June 19 and my card was accepted everywhere. Cashpoints gave option to withdraw cash in Colones or Dollars. I used the debit card same as at home with no issues. Also I love that Monzo knows you’re in a foreign country and notifies you of the typical exchange rate and also gives you a neat spending summary when you get back! Pura Vida!

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