Monzo in City of Derry, Northern Ireland, U.K. 🇬🇧


Just got my card today, I live in City of Derry N.Ireland and can confirm that it works in the Ice Wharf (that’s a wetherspoons pub) I used contactless payment, also used in Tesco in Quayside, Derry, used contactless payment also, used it in Savers in Quayside, Derry, but it would not accept contactless but did accept chip and pin, will update if I use it anywhere else.


A Chara, By Derry do you mean the City of Derry or County Londonderry? Mise le meaa


I live in the City of Derry


Assume contactless limit is the same in the north of Ireland as in Great Britain?


Not sure about that as I only spent £11.50 on contactless as that’s what my groceries came to :slightly_smiling_face: and £2 on a pint just for medicinal purposes :grin:


Yes correct, same as the mainland

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Reassuring to know it works well in NI, off for a week’s break there this week, new to Monzo


Yes. You won’t find Travel threads for other parts of the UK, as they meant for feeding back on use while travelling abroad not domestic use in the UK.

In principal card acceptance in ATM and eftPOS is fairly consistent and reliable across the UK. Most people only create a thread when they wish to report issues with a particular retailer, and this information can be useful as Monzo staff and community users can give an answer when known or investigate the issue.

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@wmc7470 £2 for a :beer: ? Think I know where my next holiday will be…


and the food is great there too!

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Derry as in Stephen King’s Derry just the irish version instead of american? :smile: