Monzo in Botswana 🇧🇼


A search for “Botswana” brought me here. Found a question regarding use in Botswana back in January…but no answer
Anyone used the card yet, successfully in Botswana to withdraw Pula from an ATM?

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Travelling with Monzo ✈️
(Oliver) #2

I’m going to Botswana on Tuesday. Did you get it to work? If not I’ll find out and post back here in the future.


(Oliver) #3

Am in Botswana. Withdrew 1000 Pula from Gaborone airport at the moment without issue. Will attempt card payment at Nando’s tonight.

I beleaguered my friend who was in front of me in the cash machine queue may have been the first person to use Monzo in Botswana.

Looking good!


(Oliver) #4

Our host paid at Nando’s so I didn’t get a chance to use it there but I successfully paid for a scenic flight usin s card machine at Maun airport. No problems so far. Lack of mobile data has been a minor issue but I had an esitstme for the exchange rate in my mind so no issues really.


(Michael) #5

I was in Botswana in August, no problems withdrawing Pula at a Spar in Kasane, same with chip+pin payment in Choppies in Maun :+1: