Monzo in Bosnia 🇧🇦


Anyone used their card in Bosnia? I’m going to sarajevo and mostar…

(Andy) #2

I had no problems using cash machines in mostar last week. Didn’t try any card payments though


That’s good to know as Mostar is somewhere I’m going.


(Maria) #4

I’m in Banja Luka at the moment, no issues at all using my debit card on the current account or my partner’s prepaid card :tada:
We’ve used a couple of different banks’ ATMs, and paid in shops, restaurants, kiosks by card with no problems. Everywhere we’ve tried so far accepts card, all chip & PIN. Haven’t seen any contactless terminals yet.
I’ll update if anything is different in Sarajevo, Konjic or Mostar!

Edit: most places in the Old Town in Sarajevo are cash only. Intesa Sanpaolo Banka charges 6KM to make a withdrawal :roll_eyes: and Raffeisen also adds a charge, but the others I’ve tried are free.


Thanks Mariama that’s great news. Have a lovely trip x

(Aisling) #6

Just another person chipping in to say it’s a very cash based country in Bosnia if you’re doing a bit of a backpackers holiday.

Sarajevo - Many hostels, even the upmarket ones want cash in KM for payment. Restaurants in the west of town will often take card if you ask but the old town shops and restaurants are pretty strictly cash. We found that many ATMs charged for withdrawals except for UniCredit Bank on Ferhadija in the centre of town.

Mostar - Again, accommodation here is general family run and cash based. The Old town beside the Stari Most is also generally cash based, even the bigger restaurants. Any coffee lovers, Café de Alma around the corner from the Stari Most is fantastic but again, you need cash. There’s also a massive charge on some of the ATMs here, but we found one in the bazaar on Kujundžiluk on the east side of the Stari Most kinda opposite The Cave/Ali Baba.

Bosnia is fascinating and beautiful and I couldn’t recommend it enough!