Monzo in Augmented Reality

This is a quirky feature for the future. I can’t see it taking off anytime soon but I’ll just add this here now while I thought of it.

Google Glass didn’t get adoption rate that Google were hoping for, but with the recent surge in interest in Virtual Reality headsets like Samsung VR, Google Cardboard, etc and Apple are reportedly now working on a Google Glass style set (only probably better).

I think it’d be cool to see a heads up display of how much you’ve recently spent at physical locations as you travel around, immediately see if you can afford to buy something in a shop window by knowing if there’s enough of targets left at that category of merchant, etc.

Also, get an alert popup in your glasses that a friend you owe a few thousand £££’s to is walking towards you just over the brow of the next hill, so run and hide in the opposite direction.