Monzo & IFTTT - Support Thread

(Graham - Mental health professional) #147

Is it just me or do applets run an hour later than the trigger time?
Set for 9pm - runs at 10.

(Marcel Ruhf) #148

Might be worth checking your time zone under “Settings icon” \ “Account”. In the IFTTT app. Hope that sorts it for you.

(Andy) #149

Check your time zone in my applets -> settings -> account

(Graham - Mental health professional) #150

Thanks both. It reads (+00:00 UTC) :thinking:

(Marcel Ruhf) #151

If none of the above works, have a look at this - it seems like there is a separate time zone setting for the Date/Time service.

(Only available in amateur ) #152

Go for 00.00 Edinburgh or whatever city you choose

(Graham - Mental health professional) #153

Done. We’ll see tomorrow…thanks.

(Andy) #154

Just tested a time trigger and it worked bang on time here using Edinburgh

(Marcel Ruhf) #155

Has it worked out for you then?

(Graham - Mental health professional) #156

Don’t know yet - the triggers in question are running later this evening. Strangely I have one running at 6am which has triggered at the right time. See what I mean?

(Graham - Mental health professional) #157

And…nope, same behaviour despite change of time zone.

No big deal, but weird nonetheless,

(Marcel Ruhf) #158

Hmmm… That’s very strange indeed…

(joel drew) #159

Hi Folks

I need to setup a Stripe and Monzo applet

I want to move any stripe incoming payment to a pot (100% of the incoming amount)

We have the trigger setup but its the second step of selecting a pot and then the potential ingredients needed to make it work

How can this be done?

(Ryan Varley) #160

How about supporting:

If money placed in pot
Then split money into other pots (by percentage)

Pot1 money in
Distribute that money to pots 2 and 3
pot2 = 20%
Pot3 = 80%


I was wondering if anyone could help with this.
I’m currently using the Coin Jar to round up to the nearest £1. But I want to create an applet to roundup to the nearest £5 for purchases over £50 and to the nearest £10 for those above £100.

is that even possible?

(Chris Rimell) #162

I want to create a more complex trigger, but I’ve never really played around on the developer side of making applets.

What I want to do: Whenever a card purchase is made from a defined list of merchants, move money out of a pot.

Obviously there is already an applet that does this for one merchant, but I don’t want to create loads of applets, I want a string that says do this for THIS merchant OR THIS merchant

I tried (MerchantName:“XXXX” OR MerchantName:“XXXX”) but that didn’t work

Anyone got more technical know how that can help?

Monzo & IFTTT - Feedback Megathread

Did rules just change for IFTTT or is it a single recipe? I had the 1p savings rejected because I’m in overdraft, never happened before though.

(Toby Toller) #164

You can’t move money into a pot when you have a zero or negative balance, both manually and through IFTTT


Hmm, well its been moving to pots with a negative account balance up until today since IFTTT launched.

Which is why I’m wondering what has changed :stuck_out_tongue:

(Alex Sherwood) #166

It sounds like a bug got fixed :slight_smile: