Monzo & IFTTT - Support Thread

(Doug) #126

Thanks Both :slight_smile:

(Pete Mallam) #127

There aren’t any ingredients to allow you to do that, but I’m playing with something that might help you. I’ll let you know if it pans out.

(Pete Mallam) #128

Try this:


(Elle) #129

So I’ve turned on the applet for purchases on my card to go into a google sheet but it keeps failing. The sheet is definitely there but it can’t run it! What have I done wrong?


Try using a new spreadsheet? So inside the applet (hit the cog icon on the top right of the applet) and change the spreadsheet name to something that doesn’t exist within your Google Sheets folder. Try leaving the drive folder path blank too so it just defaults to a folder named IFTTT so you can at least see how the folder paths work if you’re unsure about that. Moving money into and out of pots will trigger it to test.

If you’re trying to add to an existing sheet it won’t work, I think. This applet basically adds a new row from top or bottom sequentially downwards/upwards.

(George) #131

Hey thanks for your input and help really appreciate it, unfortunately for some reason it’s bringing random amounts out my Savings Pot. :thinking:

(Pete Mallam) #132

My bad

(Elle) #133

Thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately this still doesn’t work. Folder path field is blank and I changed the name to something else. Please note I’ve tried it both ways - making a spreadsheet with the name and having no spreadsheet. :frowning: just can’t work out what I’m doing wrong. Have even tried creating a folder called IFTTT like the default to try that. Nothing.


(James Britton) #134

Sorry, if this has been mentioned (I couldn’t see it after searching), but has anyone got the Strava integration working? -

Currently mine is all linked, but it’s drawing from the pot instead of depositing into it. Strangely now there’s enough in the pot. It’s also adding to it. Which is quite strange, have I set this up incorrectly or are others seeing some strange behaviour?

(George) #136

Thanks Peter I’ll try it later.

Can you share a screenshot of how you did it just for my knowledge. Thanks.

(Kieran McHugh) #137

I think the solution to this is to fix the merchant rather than adding regex support :slight_smile:

Submit the merchant feedback and we can fix the name, cheers.

(Pete Mallam) #138

That’s more effort than it requires. The idea is for this to be “set and forget”. I mean, you’re already doing a binary lookup against Merchant, surely it’s not much work to update the API to do look for a regex match? It would be invisible to anyone just passing the name of a merchant?

I’ve added Category support, but that will only work if the category is correct. Which, again, isn’t ideal, because it isn’t always - if the Merchant name is incorrect thanks to something at the Merchant PDQ using a different ID the Category will be wrong too.

(Pete Mallam) #139

You need to be on platform:

Use the filter to write a query :

var saveAmount = 10 - parseInt(Monzo.cardPurchase.AmountInAccountCurrency.slice(-1))
Monzo.potDeposit.setAmount("0.0" + saveAmount.toString())

(Kieran McHugh) #140

In my view this is not worth implementing at the moment. Only a tiny fraction of our users know what a regex is. It adds unnecessary complexity to our backend.

FWIW I think you can do regex checking using the Platform filter code if it’s really important to you.

If there’s a problem with a merchant having the wrong name, then we should fix it for everybody. There is no regex that you can write that will handle all possible incorrect merchant names. “Merchant Name contains Sainsbury’s” would go some way to fixing the problem, but I think we can do it without full regex support. Thanks!

(Pete Mallam) #141

You’ll want to use Webhooks on the Platform. Basically, you will want to create a new applet to trigger on new purchase, then add in two actions:

  1. Round up and Deposit to your pot
  2. Run Webhook with the amount to deposit

The webhook will then need to be a trigger for a new applet which will deposit x into pot 2, then run another webhook…

(Garry Marshall Campbell) #142

I currently have it so I have a daily allowance moved out of my pots into my balance. I was wondering if anyone has figured out a way to then move the remaining daily allowance out of my balance into another pot at the end of the day.

Monzo & IFTTT - Share your creations here!

I have looked for the answer to this as I thought I had read clarification somewhere, however, I cannot find it.

I get paid on 25th of each month and have a regular payment from my main account to Monzo in place for the same day.

The money that goes into Monzo is currently then split manually into three pots.

The issue for me is this…

I have created an IFTTT applet to automatically move the money, received from my main account, into the three pots later that day (25th).

Now, problem here is the 25th falls on a weekend or bank holiday at least once a year (Xmas) and on those occasions, the regular payment won’t be deposited into my Monzo account until the next working day, e.g. 26, 27, or even 28!

If IFTTT applet tries to move money into a pot on 25th (as directed) and there is insufficient funds, does the transfer FAIL, or succeed and create UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT?

Anyone know please?

(Only available in amateur ) #144

It won’t put you into overdraft, it’ll just fail


Thanks. That’s what I thought. :+1:

Love IFTTT capability so far.

Just need code for category transfer instead of merchant and I’m ready :grin:

(Kieren) #146

I wish you could use categories/Merchants etc. as parameters - i am finding myself fighting with != commands on all of my applets… all because i can’t create my fuel spend trigger using:

if (Monzo.cardPurchase.Category != "Transport") || (Monzo.cardPurchase.MerchantName=
"Transport for London")
(Then Skip my trigger)