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(Kieran McHugh) #105

We don’t have remaining balance as an ingredient just now, but we might support it in the future.

In any case it would be “estimated balance” because the transaction amount can change two days later when we get the presentment. (e.g. pay at petrol pump pre-charge for £100).

Thanks for the feedback.

(Kieran McHugh) #106

…also, I would recommend keeping bills money in your main account in general. Summary will break/won’t be as accurate if you don’t :slight_smile:

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(Jonathon) #107

I hadn’t thought of that.

That’s rather annoying ha - I want both really. All bills money in a pot and only coming into my account the day they are due, leaving a pretty solid “spendable” amount in my main account.

(Kieran McHugh) #108

Summary now (or will very soon) deducts all your standing orders, recurring card payments, and direct debits from your “left to spend” amount so that you don’t have to worry about moving money between pots at the right time of day :slight_smile:

(Kieren) #109

I think it would be good if you could have a pot for bill money and then tell the DD/SO in app where to pull it from… that way the card isn’t linked to the pot so you can’t accidentally spend your bill money… but it sounds as though this upcoming Summary change may cover that instance

(Andrew Clark) #110

I’ve created a pot called “Arch-enemies”. How do I configure IFTTT so that money transfers to this pot when any of England’s traditional enemies (the French, Germans and Welsh) lose in the Workd Cup? Thanks

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Anyone know if there is anyway to send a balance on a daily basis (email, push etc… ) ?

(James) #112

That would be just lovely.
“Estimated balance”, or “Available balance estimated” would do perfectly well. I completely understand the petrol pump pre-approval use case means money may be reserved and released later, and also that sometimes a balance can only be an estimate because of FX rates.
Ultimately the number I’d expect is just the same as shows up as my balance in the app. That also has the same issues. But just having access to how much you’ve got available (roughly) as an ingredient in IFTTT would be very useful.

(James) #113

Anyone know how to replicate what the Coin Jar does, so I can round up to £1 for every purchase into a few different pots? Thanks!

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(Dave Cross) #114

Looks like Monzo have already published an applet that could easily be adapted to do that.

(James) #115

Hey Dave, don’t think you can edit the specifics of the applet though can you?

I want to do a bunch of the £1 roundups at the same time too, and you can only have one of Monzo’s applets at a time.


(Kieren) #116

There us already one for the nearest pound - I am using it myself, and there is no rule that says you can only have one Monzo applet… I have got several for the same services on IFTTT, and on the other IFTTT thread there was someone stating how they had multiple applets trigger for Monzo off of the same email

(James) #117

Yeah, you can have multiple versions of your own applets, but not multiple versions of the same Monzo applet.

(Kieren) #118

Ahh I’m with you - so you want to have, for arguments sake - transactions from Tesco to get rounded up into your food pot but transactions from HMV into your music pot…?

(Steve Teeling) #119

Did you ever figure this out? I’m confused!

(James) #120

Nearly. Every time I spend I want a roundup to go to Christmas pot, a roundup to go to a Car Maintenence, and a roundup to go to an Emergency Fund pot.

(Kieren) #121

I’m with you - I guess the difficulty in setting that up is that once one has rounded up to a pot, its the nearest pound - could you do a roundup to the nearest pound to one and then say create a custom applet for £1 whenever you use your card to the other one?.. I think thats the closest you would get tbh

(Chad Newton) #122

Is there anyway of adding exclusions to rules? For example, I love the idea of any foreign currency transactions coming out of my holidays pot automatically BUT I also subscribe to the Washington Post which charges my card in dollars. Now, there’s probably a way I can fix this from the WashPo side but I wondered if exceptions (eg a merchant) were possible?

(George) #123

Is there a way to round up purchases to 10p? Like if I spent £8.52 it puts 8p in my coin jar. I know there is a £1 and 50p one but I’d like a smaller amount ifpossible. Anyone know the ingredients to use? Tah in advance.

(Pete Mallam) #124

Okay, so the problem with merchant information is that it isn’t predictable. For instance, I just bought fuel from Sainsburys and it comes up with the store is in the merchant name.

So, pattern matching on the merchant would be useful. Regex would be ideal.