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Aaah okay, I’ve removed it now. I thought it would put a note alongside the transaction to say I slept x amount of hours.

(Jack) #86

Reconnecting the Fitbit service appeared to do the trick. I’ve had issues previously with Fitbit not syncing right unless all day sync is on.

(All Hail the Almighty Doge) #87

Using this


And it does this

Should have been 1p from IFTTT then 50p for the actual coin jar shouldn’t it?

(Only available in amateur ) #88

Both must be generated on the transaction price. Messy if used together :confounded:

(MikeF) #89

What @Rat_au_van said.

There’s no way that the coin jar integration will have any knowledge of IFTTT or vice versa so this was always where this dual use was going to end up.

(All Hail the Almighty Doge) #90

Seems pointless having it then if it can’t work out what’s what as now I have to transfer 99p to coin jar adding yet another thing to the feed.

Gonna turn that 50p one off me thinks

(James) #91

I just tried to set up IFTTT for what I thought was a simple use case.

If I spend something, send me an email with what I spent and what my remaining balance is.

But Account Balance isn’t available.

I do hope it’ll be available soon.


Why does my Google assistant suck. She only searches results instead of activating the trigger.

What am I doing wrong. Halp.

(Doug) #93

Hi all - I’m completely new to IFTTT. I’ve switched the Applet for a ‘weekly spending summary email’ as a first test on.
One immediate thing that’s a little frustrating is every time I use my Monzo, I get a notification for the transaction from both my Monzo, and IFTTT app. Does anybody know how to fix this? I don’t want to turn all IFTTT notifications off as I expect to start using more applets.


(MikeF) #94

Notifications can be turned on or off for each applet so it’s totally up to you which ones you see or not.


You can turn off the notification for the individual applet!


Tap the cog on the applet you want to mute and you should see the toggle Beth showed.


I currently use Monzo as a discretionary spending account, so every pay day (last working day of the month) a standing order transfers a fixed amount from our joint account to Monzo (and same for my wife). I’ve been trying to find a way to automatically move any funds that I have left over from the previous month into a pot.

I thought about setting a trigger to fire at 23:59 the day before but there’s no option in IFTTT for “the last working day” or similar, so I haven’t even got to the point where I inevitably find out that there’s no way to tell it to move all funds to a pot.

Any thoughts? Spose it could also work if it recognises a particular payment coming into the account, but the only triggers are for outbound payments.

Seems like every time I try to use IFTTT I find it to be incredibly limited and can never do what I envisage. :frowning:

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This would be best to use a date and time trigger!

Were working on an ingredient for the action that can determine the account balance left instead of a fixed amount.

(Pete Mallam) #99

I have set up “Payday” in Google Calendar, I’m using that currently. Not properly tested it yet.


That’s a good idea. Of course I still need to wait for the current balance ingredient to be added, but it looks like I’m not the only one in that boat.

(Pete Mallam) #101

Not sure if this is in the right thread, but I would like to see:

  • Multiple Merchants ability (such as Sainsbury’s|Asda|Tesco|Morrisons) so I don’t have to create millions of rules
  • Trigger for incoming transactions
  • Trigger for specific incoming transaction (to “do stuff” when my salary comes in, or move money from my wife into housekeeping)
  • Trigger for just scheduled payments and for Direct Debits

(Kieren) #102

I see them on predefined triggers - but I would love to know how I can create multi-factor recipes i’ve seen them before but never worked out how to do them…

(Jonathon) #103

What comes first - IFTTT or standing orders?

Eg. If I have an applet that says “On 28th of the month move £500 from Bills pot” and I have a standing order for £500 on the 28th - which comes first? I can set an applet for 1:00am but is the standing order done later?

(Kieran McHugh) #104

I believe we process outgoing payments at 2am, but I wouldn’t take this as a guarantee.
11pm the day before might be a safer bet.