Monzo & IFTTT - Support Thread

The set your own price is >=$1.99, might be worth a go, especially for multiple actions.

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Yeah it’s certainly not the ideal solution if it’s just Monzo extra control you want - but anyone using IFTTT outside of Monzo may get some greater use :slight_smile:

I might at least trial it for a bit while the price is “set your own” and see if I can make any worthwhile applets from it.

Even more interestingly, apparently a post on Reddit suggests that with the creation of IFTTT Pro, the Free plan is now limited to 3 applets total.

Apparently all existing applets are grandfathered in, but if you have >3 you won’t be able to make more already!

So yeah, I think @peter_g’s call of full on automation in Monzo is the right one.

Edit to add another oof - turns out in time some custom applets will be turned off / you have to pick three to keep:



I wonder what the result of their meeting was back in February :thinking:

@arthur-ceccotti :mega:


Hmmm, so all my retailer dependant ones are going to be in trouble now?!

Your existing ones are fine but going forward you will only be able to add 3 more unless you upgrade to pro. That’s my understanding anyway :sweat_smile:

You can also add as many as you like if they are are published by brands or the community.

That’s not what I understand - per some comments they make on Reddit, if you stay on the Free plan you can only have 3 custom made applets.

You can add unlimited ones made by others / through the explore page, but any you build yourself through “Create” will have to be downsized to 3.

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I knew this was going to come and bite me at some point…
So the reality is, since Corona happened, priorities in the company changed a lot and unfortunately IFTTT - which was already low - got pushed down even more.

In addition, we’ve had to get our legal team involved quite a bit, since it involves sharing customer information with third-parties. This naturally slowed things down.

Please hold on and we’ll get back to it!


Haha no worries. Apreciate the update :heart:

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So, apparently there’s been a few changes to IFTTT in the last week or so since the announcement above; The CEO did a live stream / Q+A about the changes.

YouTube Stream

The upshot of it is though:

  • The “3 free” custom applets on the Free tier will not change - if you have more than three, from October 1st you will have to get rid of some. ]
  • (Published applets remain unlimited, I believe)
  • Pricing - the “set your own pricing” will stay permanently - if you subscribe before October 1st - so the $1.99 tier if you select it, will stay even after the 1st year.

So for everyone using multiple Monzo applets - you’re probably going to hit the ^ challenges in time.

A question for @arthur-ceccotti I would have: what do Monzo make of the new update and how that will influence how they design for IFTTT in the future?

Because Published Applets will remain unlimited, I’d like to see Monzo push more energy into IFTTT capabilities, But equally I imagine the paywall = less users = less desire to use IFTTT as a developer. Tough call.

One thing I do wonder; for those of us who have made ‘custom applets’ in Platform - does that skirt around the 3 free applets issue. Not sure.

Anyway, for some it may make subscribing in the next 2 weeks more appealing but for me I’m probably just going to stop using it.

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Hmm, I just archived some old ones that I set up ages ago and never used and that’s brought my total down to 3.

And when I created another one on Platform, that hasn’t changed my limit.

I don’t really understand what my 3 are. I have;

7 - If I spend at merchant remove from pot
2 - Hue buttons
1 - Monzo - If I spend, move £1 to my pot

So maybe one from each type classes as the 3? The 7 are the only platform ones I have, the others I have adapted from the company that creates them.

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Interesting that Platform doesn’t break it - good way to get around it then!

From what I understand, anything you make via IFTTT Create counts towards it, but anything you find through Explore, or a Service Page does not.

So it might be that driving it?

On the home page, you should be able to filter out applets made by you / all applets you use:

So any in the All tab without your user name, I assume, means found them through the “Explore” bit rather than “Create” bit.

Clear, right?

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Ahhh, I didn’t notice that bit.

So it’s actually the other way around. My two Hue ones and the one that I used from Monzo count towards it, but not any of the platform ones then.

This has been terribly done by them!

Just linked Monzo to IFTTT, and no applet will work. All of them fail with a trigger issue:

It seems to be hung up in the same spot- checking in with Monzo for transactions. Is there an issue with US Monzo and IFTT? I am on iOS and running iOS 14. I have already disconnected and reconnected to both Monzo and Google and end up with the same result. I have also used both Monzo provided and custom created applets. Oddly, the Monzo app says there is an active ongoing session with IFTT, but the trigger fails nonetheless. Anyone else have this problem or have any advice? Thank you!

As far as I am aware, Monzo IFTTT only supports UK custoemrs at present - or at least that’s what I’ve heard throughout the forum over the years.

Though that doesn’t seem to make sense if you’re saying the other Monzo applets work.

It may just be that the Card Purchase related applets are not compatible with Monzo US while others are?

Changed their mind about Pro, now you can set your price forever!

Yep this was mentioned yesterday a few comments up :point_up:

Wrong date though :sweat_smile:


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