Monzo & IFTTT - Support Thread

Thanks for chasing this up with IFTTT.

See that’s the power of community and what makes Monzo better than the rest. This started from a simple post from myself raising the issue, then we’ve got the developers who made the applets helping out, Monzo staff helping out and IFTTT fixing the issue. Love it, glad it’s sorted.

Also thanks again to the developers who create these IFTTT applets that work with Monzo, as the additional applets to what Monzo already provides it just creates more fun ways for saving!


@kieranmch, on the subject of random IFTTT issues - any chance you know why a few of us have had issues with integrations involving Apostrophes?

(see this bit)

@BritishLibrary is the guru! And it even works with my even more weird obsession with roundings.

£66.37 spend in Sainsbury’s
63p sent to coin jar
£67.00 removed from Fuel & Food and back into my main account.

Superb! :cowboy_hat_face:

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Amazing! Glad to hear it worked :slight_smile:

Hi Ben, only just getting round this now sorry. So are you saying that you fiddled with some code in IFTTT and then wrote the merchant name is it’s spelt on the transaction? If so, as someone who doesn’t code, should I consign apostrophe merchants to the bin?

Hey Paul,

Edit for clarity - ‘Sainsbury’s’ Would trigger in IFTTT written with the apostrophe - no other code was needed. Not sure if something back end changed to allow that.

The other aspect that there is code for was more complex moving of money, which you do need a \ for. But that’s still easy to set up in case the above doesn’t work.

What I would be tempted to try is setting up a Service for if spending at FF, then send a Notification (or email, or similar) - that will at least tell you if the problem is with the “If” bit or the “Then” bit

If that still doesn’t work, you’d have to set up a separate Applet of Platform, and it’s a touch of coding - but honestly takes about 15 minutes. And most of that is signing up.

Happy to run through the steps for that if you’d like?

Hi Ben,

Thank you. Do you think ifttt has fixed something their end then and I should write the merchant name as is on the transaction feed?

The next FF is out next week so I could wait and see and then if that doesn’t work I’ll try the other method but I’d definitely need your help on that :pray:t3:

Just edited my comment a bit before I saw you replied - but basically I’d delete and rewrite the pot moving one. Just in case.

And also make one that has a notification From IFTTT / email / log to a spreadsheet - basically any action that isn’t within Monzo.

Then when your FF transaction goes out, if one fires we at least know the apostrophe is OK and there’s not something weird going on in the formatting of their name.

Fab, thank you. I’ll do that and see what happens. Thanks for your help

Hello, just spent at FF and the additional trigger I created outside of Monzo failed and well as the one for moving money from pot. Oh well, we tried. Thanks for your help :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh damn, I was so hopeful! I do think the “Platform” version would be the way to go next then, if you’re so inclined!

Thank you. I’m not sure how to go about it. If you have any tips. All is welcomed :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s super easy -

Register at (or log in here with your existing IFTTT account, not sure if you need to reregister)

It might prompt you to make an organisation - as long as you only use for Personal use it’s free - not sure if you have to make an organisation, but I just put my name. You should get an option, under “Organisation” for Personal Applet:


Click Personal Applets, and follow the prompts to make a new one. Here you can add your Trigger and Action just like you would in normal mode. The Filter Code bit will be greyed out until you add an action. Make sure you select “Any card purchase”.

In the action bit, add the same ingredient as you would in the normal applet - {{amountincardcurrency}}

Then, head back to the Filter Code section, and add this code: (Note - you can add more retailers if you want, or just delete the rest). Just make sure the \ is there before the ', and the name otherwise would match how it looks in feed.

var Merchant = Monzo.cardPurchase.MerchantName
var BillsMerchants = ['freddie\'s flowers','retailer2','retailer3','etc'];

// any matches will return 0 or higher, eg first in list will be 0, next 1, etc
if (BillsMerchants.indexOf(Merchant.toLowerCase()) < 0) {
  Monzo.potWithdraw.skip("Not a Merchant on the List")

In short, what this will do, is look to see if the merchant you have made the transaction at matches your list in [square brackets], if so, it will withdraw from the pot, if it’s not on the list, it does nothing.

Then give it a name, and press Save. If you head to “Applets”, you’ll see them in there,


Click on the name, and down in the Preview there’ll be a box that says this:


Follow that link and you’ll go back into normal IFTTT and you can connect away as normal.

I did just write up that as an Applet in my own Platform - here’s a link - though I assume it won’t allow you to connect since I’m on the free tier. Worth a shot though!


Great write up.

I was able to connect that applet, I didn’t think that was possible on the free tier!

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Ah that’s interesting! I didn’t think that would have worked. Time to start writing some applets!!

Let’s hope I’ve not got a big bill incoming from ifttt!

Thank you for this. I will take a look at the weekend and see if I can make it work :slight_smile:

Has anyone come up with a way to automate moving whatever balance you have remaining in your account into one of your pots on a specific day or at a certain time?

For example I have Monzo setup so that every Monday £75 get’s moved and that is my spending money for that week. However, I was hoping there would be a way so that on a Sunday night whatever balance I have remaining over from that week could be moved into my savings pot. That way I can automate my savings some what.

Any ideas?

The only way I believe you can do it, presently, is if you use Plus, and the Google Sheets export.

You can set up a trigger to monitor a cell in a spreadsheet - and because Plus can give you a running balance in your sheet - you can utilise that.

More here: IFTTT + Google Sheets + Monzo = Then what?


So don’t know if this is the best place to post it - But IFTTT have just announced a new “Pro” plan - which allows you to build in conditions into your Applets and other such fun.

It’s got a set your own price for the first 12 months, not sure if it’s worth paying for, but I know there’s enough people here that might be interested!

From an email about it:

Pro launches with many of your most requested features:

  • Multi-step Applets
  • Queries and conditional logic
  • Multiple actions
  • Faster Applet execution

With Pro you can create sophisticated Applets that can query data from multiple sources before triggering multiple actions.

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This looks great and exactly what I’d want to use.


I’m not sure it’s worth paying for, especially at the $9.99 standard rate. Especially as I understood that Monzo is paying IFTTT for the privilege of integrating with them.

It’s fun, but IFTTT with Monzo is feeling more and more like a hack. And one that I need to pay for Plus to be effective for stuff that I want to do.

What we really need is a properly authorised financial automation centre.

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