Monzo & IFTTT - Support Thread

Hi, All,
I’m new to Monzo, :wave:, loving the bank so far - it’s making my life infinitely easier with my finances.

I’m looking to use IFTTT with Google Assistant to move £x pounds to a savings pot when I say a specific phrase. I’ve used the recipe on the IFTTT website for this and amended it to my needs, but when I use the phrase with my Google Assistant on my mobile, it just returns results that match the ‘query’.

Is this because IFTTT and Google Assistant don’t work on mobile? Or, am I missing something self-evident that I’ve not set up yet?

Have you got the IFTTT app on your phone, signed in etc?

Yep, I’m signed in, connected to both Monzo and Google Assistant and checked the connection.
I’ve said my phrase while I have IFTTT open.


I can see the triggers for monzo on IFTTT are all for paying out of an account. Is there a trigger for when payment is made into the account.

For example, I run a lotto syndicate with my friends, When the lotto winnings are paid into my account i would like that incoming payment to be forwarded to a certain pot.

For this i believe the trigger would need to be when £xx is paid into current account from (company) than £xx is transferred into pot.

on the ‘then that’ part of the IFTTT rule, there only seems to be a way of transferring a specific amount, not the amount that was paid into the current account (variable)

If anyone could shed a bit of light if this is possible i would be grateful.


No I’ afraid not. There are no income based triggers for IFTTT that I’m aware of although there have been requests for a while.


Is there a voting system for this? as it wuld be very useful!

Hi - I just signed up to Monzo largely on the basis of it supporting IFTTT, but I’ve been using IFTTT for a long time for other things, so I know getting applets running right can be a bit trial and error. So how are people testing their own created applets? Do you run down to the shop and spend something on your card each time you want to run the applet??!

Also, IFTTTs new desktop design doesn’t seem to be showing how fast triggers run any more - what’s people’s experience of how quickly Monzo transactions are triggered?

I’m not aware of any way to test IFTTT so it’s just a case of waiting until the trigger happens. I’ve found that they’re instant too. :+1:

Generally I’ll either make a small payment to my CC or top up my lottery account. In my experience triggers have been basically instant.

I want to make changes to an applet I’m already using (1p challenge - want to change the destination of the daily saving) and when I tried to do so, it wasn’t showing any of my pots in the ifttt settings drop-down. I deleted the app and reinstalled / reconnected but it’s still not made a difference and when I try to complete the setup without naming a pot (because I don’t have any options) I get an error message. Any clues please? Thanks

@Walmer, are you trying this with a joint account? I don’t think joint accounts are supported with IFTTT…

That’s the only thing I can think of, I hope it helps

Does anyone know if IFTTT can read the £ value of a named pot with any of the triggers? I can’t see any obvious action or what not when looking at the available functions on the IFTTT Platform.

I’m setting up a Coffee Pot, which withdraws money when I spend at coffee shops - so would like IFTTT to take a specific action if that Pot £ falls too low.

No. Only transaction values have been made available so far.

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Ah shame! Thanks for that!

I have a suggestion for the IFTTT triggers based on category. I’m not sure whether TfL users would be in a similar boat, but when I get charged 10p by Lothian Buses for using my contactless, it withdraws the 10p from my Transport pot. However, when Lothian Buses refunds the 10p charge, it does not automatically deposit the 10p back into my Transport pot. It kind of defeats the purpose of IFTTT if I have to go in nearly every day just to move 10p back into the pot it belongs in.

I saw on the monzo twitter feed this week that there was a new Wu weather IFTTT application to save when the temp dropped below a chosen level (I set it to 10°).

I set it up and its hasn’t worked once despite the temperature never being ‘above’ 10°.

Has anyone else found any issues with this?

Cheers, Peter

If the temperature has never been above 10 then it will not have been able to fall below 10 so the action will not have been triggered.


That’s a fair point. I’ll set the temp to below the current temperature (according to Wu weather) and see if that kicks it into life?

I am trying to export my transaction history into Airtable by creating a record each time I spend.

  1. Can this work with a joint account?
  2. I had 3 records created in Airtable but they all turned out with blank values.
  3. Then a little later the records stopped being generated.

What might be the common reasons for those issues?

Many thanks!

Nope. IFTTT doesnt work with joint accounts so that’s why none of it is working :cry: