Monzo & IFTTT - Support Thread


Hey all,

Is there any way to make it so it automatically moves your closing balance to a pot once your salary comes in?

So say I’m left with £100 in my account and then my salary gets paid - it’ll move that £100 to a pot?

(Sean) #289

The only way to do this at the moment is to set up one applet to track your balance on a spreadsheet and another applet to move the value from the spreadsheet to a pot at your selected interval. There’s no way to check your current balance with IFTTT at present

(Neil MacKenzie) #290

Is there any Monzo Documentation on how to use ITFFF, as its not the easiest system to use:
Primarily how it all works together i.e what triggers are etc. But also a step by step guide on setting up your own including screenshots
Is there a centralised place where all of this is documented rather than having to search forums or the web…
P.S maybe a Monzo ITFFF website would be useful ;)/ When I play with it would people like screenshots of how to do stuff?

(Kieran McHugh) #291

I would refer to
It’s not Monzo specific, but this is a good thing as your applets will probably involve multiple services :slight_smile:


Anyone else’s IFTTT Applets failing?

I have one that triggers at 1am every payday/Friday to shovel some money aside for bills. It’s been running fine for months, but last night’s failed.

The only error message IFTTT is giving me is a 404, implying that the Monzo API has vanished.

(Nathan Steer) #293

I had 2 that ran fine at 2am. Could have been a blip around 1am or something?


Nope, it continued to fail throughout the next few hours when it retried

I’ve gone into the applet’s config and it’s even failing to load my pots


Setting up a new applet throws the same 404 error when it tries to fetch my list of pots

(Chris Rimell) #295

Have you tried disconnecting Monzo from your IFTTT services and then reconnecting?


Well, actually I just tried that…

I disconnected my Monzo account and it deleted all my monzo-based applets (as expected). Then when I tried to reconnect it fails with a “Could not connect to service” error when I open the magic login link from my email.

Something’s definitely goosed.

(Chris Rimell) #297

Someone is having this problem too then because they sent me a PM. Their failure message suggested monzo’s service had stopped working.

Sounds like something to send through to monzo on the in app chat…


Just thought I’d try again before contacting Monzo directly and it is now all working again. Must have been a temporary cockup somewhere between the two.

Now I have to set up all my applets again. Urgh.

(Lewis King) #299

Mine is busted too.

(Lewis King) #300

(Kieran McHugh) #301

Hey all, would anyone affected mind DM’ing me their Monzo email addresses so I can look into this?

We aren’t experiencing an IFTTT outage right now as far as I can see.


(Kieran McHugh) #302

If anyone else is affected by this, please disconnect and re-connect your Monzo account from IFTTT.

We will work with them to find a fix for the root cause here. Thanks!

(Alex) #303

On October the 23rd, my IFTTT recipe seems to have broken. I’m using the official Monzo one but it just stopped sending money through to my 1p pot.

A few days later it then asked me to reauthenticate my Monzo account in IFTTT, which I did. It still doesn’t seem to work though. I’ve tested it and turned it off and on etc but nothing.

Any ideas?

(Kieran McHugh) #304

Hi Alex,

When did you reconnect your Monzo account, and when was the last time the applet ran successfully?


(Neil) #305

Hello, I have setup some ITFFF rules to be able to automatically add various amount to various saving pots each day/week but for some reason I think I may have duplicated some and that the £1 a day rule is being triggered 3 times. How can I amend this or delete it and start over.

(Sam H) #306

Do you have 3 separate applets to do this set up? If so, delete two. If not, can you post a screenshot of the applet?

(Andrew Furness) #307

There looks like there is a problem using this integration together with Dropbox.

I’m trying to use this applet ( and it results in a image being created within Dropbox, but that file is never able to then download to your local machine.

Based on another forum I’ve tracked the issue down to the colon “:” character in the timestamp, which I believe comes from Monzo as part of the {{TransactionTime}} ingredient. Indeed, if you rename these files within the Dropbox web UI to remove the “:” character they immediately download.

Can Monzo update the timestamp value you pass into Monzo to be “safe” and not include this character which obviously causes Dropbox issues? Or perhaps it’s simpler to just create a whole new ingredient with a new format?

Current TransactionTime format -> “October 25, 2018 at 04:01PM”
Personally I’d love to use the ISO8601 datetime -> “20181025T1601”

(In case other people also have this issue, I’ve worked around this for now by creating a new IFTTT recipe which names the files after the retailer and omits the timestamp altogether)