Monzo & IFTTT - Support Thread

(Colin Robinson) #268

It’s just a name for the list (variable). So long as it is the same in both places (ie where you set it up and where you use it) it should work.

(Jamie Mill) #269

Will test in 15 and will update :slight_smile: thanks man

(Jamie Mill) #270

Works perfectly! thank you so much! :slight_smile:

(Jamie Mill) #271

Hey me again haha!

So right now I have categories that use money from pots, i.e if I buy fuel for £10.20 then it rounds up to £11.00 and removes £11 from transport pot and adds the 80p to the Cash pot.

Since I want my actual balance to be 0 it means round ups don’t work, I was wondering if there was a way to do this with IFTTT and therefore allowing round ups to still work while in my overdraft


Unfortunately we can’t transfer into pots while in overdraft via Monzo, IFTTT or the Monzo API.

Out of pot transfers are fine.

(Jamie Mill) #273

Damn it

Last one, anyway to put left over pot money into another pot? I.e my general pot having £78 left at end of month could that all be transferred to my savings pot

The amount in general will change every month depending on how much I spend etc


I think you’d have to track the balance in something like Google sheets via ifttt and use the amount from that.

The only other option is set ifttt every month to transfer £50, £30, £25, £10, £5, £3, £2 and £1 from the pot in that order a few minutes apart. You may end up with a few pence left but i think that should cover any remaining balance. If they fail the next lower amount should succeed. You’ll end up with a ton of failed ifttt messages in the feed though.

(Jamie Mill) #275

Is there no way to calculate what o have left in my pots?

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #276

No. You can’t get any balance information, be this pots or your main account through IFTTT. You’d have to do the spreadsheet option that has already been suggested :slight_smile:

(Jamie Mill) #277

Aww okay thanks anyway lads :slight_smile:

(Stuart Oakley) #278

Would anyone be able to help with an IFTTT that can move incoming money into a pot when from a specific company? I sell alot on eBay, so any incoming money from PayPal I want auto moving into a pot.

Hope that makes sense.

(John) #279

Incoming triggers aren’t available yet. Hopefully it is something that comes soon as it will be really helpful.

(Sean) #280

You could set a trigger on the email you get from PayPal and then move the money similar to this applet:

(Stuart Oakley) #281

Just tried playing around with my own applet, and I have no idea what I’m doing :joy:

I’m trying to setup a Google assistant trigger to move money, but have no idea what to put in the 'amount& to move as I want the amount to be the ‘£#’ I say to GA :thinking:

(Sean) #282

Can you DM me the body of a incoming payment email? I don’t use ebay to sell so change the names I just need to see what it says and I’ll put you a “how to” together

(Paul) #283

I’ve set up a IFTTT to move money to a point when I visit the gym. I’ve been to the gym and it didn’t work. Any one have any ideas why? Thanks

(Chris Rimell) #284

How have you set this up? Are you using merchant name? Have you ensured the merchant name is exactly as in your feed including capitals in the correct places? Is the applet active, and does it show an error? What have you entered as the withdrawal amount?

Just a couple of questions that might help isolate the issue …

(Paul) #285

Hey, I used location services. Added the name of the gym, it found it in the look up and set which pot to send the money to. I haven’t used a merchant name as I’m not purchasing anything. When I enter the location it should trigger Monzo to move the money.

(Sean) #286

I presume that in IFTTT under activity you don’t have an error? Likely location wasn’t updated while you were there? Try opening maps when you next go to make sure it picks it up

(Paul) #287

No error. I’ll give what you sugges a try. Thank you