Monzo & IFTTT - Support Thread

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Thanks @Dunsford and @Ordog, it was actually attaching the email I couldn’t figure out how to do, sorry for not explaining myself better. Appreciate the help

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We just need the email address you were trying to use :slight_smile:

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Thanks @kieranmch, I’ve replied to @HughWells with the info

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Is it possible to setup a trigger to read a notification from my phone and move money based on that.

I have a Tandem card and when I use it I get a notification that I have spent £x.xx amount, I would like the value of this transaction to be moved over to a pot if possible to pay the bill when it comes in.

(MikeF) #253

No, I’ve never come across a phone notification trigger for IFTTT. Even if there were, stripping a figure out of it would be more complicated than is manageable.

Things tend to have to be a little simpler and a little more direct i.e. Tandem would need to set up an integration and provide that data.

(John) #254

Thanks, there is a trigger for if I receive a notification from a certain app so I think I could get IFTTT to move a set amount to a pot if I used my tandem card. I was wondering if IFTTT could read that notification but i guess its not possible. Thanks though.


You use android app “tasker” to read your phone events e.g. notifications, then get that to trigger IFTTT applet :slight_smile:

(Marc Easen) #256

Just enabled the “Redeem Transport spending from a pot” and tried it out. Topped up at Asda fuel, at first you get a £1 charge. The applet ran and moved a £1 over! Then once the payment had been updated to the correct amount, the applet didn’t run the second time, which is a shame.

I read somewhere that the merchaut places a £1 charge and then later updates this to the correct value. Does Monzo trigger IFTTT events when this happens?

(Andy) #257

That’s correct, generally a £1 auth will be taken for pay at pump and the transaction updated, IFTTT only detects the transaction being created, not changed. You’d need to use pay cashier option if the petrol station has it to use the IFTTT applet.

Not sure if this will improve or worsen when the petrol stations finally put in the new process for pay at pump

(Marc Easen) #258

Thanks Andy.

I’ve been reading the development docs and I think I can make something that can fix this. However it won’t be running via IFTTT.

(Jamie Mill) #259


I’m trying to make it so when I buy something in certain categories it takes money from the pots. I.e when I buy fuel it will round up that transaction and then withdraw the full amount from the transport app.

I have this setup (want it) to do it for bills, transport & general (general includes all other categories). Essentially this allows me to keep track of how much I got left as I budget £100 for general transactions and say £140 for fuel a month and it allows me to be more strict with myself.

Does anyone see anything wrong with the code below? When I buy fuel IFTTT seems to think that the transaction isn’t transport and then skips the applet.


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Hi @Errota I’ve popped your post in to the IFTTT support thread

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Does in work? I’m not sure it’s supported in that way.

if(myCategories.indexOf(Monzo.cardPurchase.Category) >= 0)

Should work though, not found is -1

Also, don’t be surprised if sometimes stuff is a penny or so out. JavaScript sucks at currency maths. 0.2 + 0.1 = 0.3 and a little tiny bit…

(Jamie Mill) #262

Sorry where do I put this code? Haha I’m so new to this IFTTT stuff

(Jamie Mill) #263

if ( Monzo.cardPurchase.Category == “Transport” ) {
var withdrawAmount = parseInt(Monzo.cardPurchase.AmountInAccountCurrency)
} else {
Monzo.potWithdraw.skip(“Not a Transport Purchase”)

The above works perfectly, however I want it to track more than just the Transport category so I changed the top part of the code and now it won’t work - any thoughts on making it support more categories?

(Michael) #264

Ah sorry I wasn’t very clear on what to update, you almost had it right with your changes, just change line 3

If (Monzo.cardPurchase.Category in myCategories) {

To this:

if(myCategories.indexOf(Monzo.cardPurchase.Category) >= 0) {

And it should then hopefully work.

(Jamie Mill) #265

Perfect, I have added this and will update. If let’s say I want General, Bills & Finances to be added to the code what do I add?

(Peter Roberts) #266

Something like

var myCategories = [ "Transport", "General", "Bills", "Finance"]

(Jamie Mill) #267

Is it myCategories or myCategory?