Monzo & IFTTT - Support Thread

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Still waiting for that all important

if paid by x then move x to pot a, move x to pot b and so on

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and the same for direct debits/regular payments
i.e. if retailer X paid, move amount Y from Direct Debit pot

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Thanks very much Kieran - loving Monzo :grinning:

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Hi - I’d like to use IFTTT to keep a full running total of my card (including payments and transfers into the account) in a spreadsheet. I’ve set up the existing applet but it only logs purchases. Would it be possible for Monzo to provide a trigger that would fire on ANY new transaction on the card, rather than just purchases? Also, the existing applet logs the amount twice but with no column heading - anyone know what the difference is between those two columns?

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It’s not available yet but has been requested before so hopefully it will come soon :slight_smile:

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Hi IFTTT experts. Can you advise if this applet I’ve just created might work. I want to move any unspent money from last month into a saving pot. So I did a date/time trigger, using the Monzo service into the savings pot, pretty confident that will work.

In the amount field I specified total - 900, (900 is the value I transfer in). It works mathematically, but will the service recognise the command? There were no error messages to suggest I’d asked something it can’t understand.



If you mean will it catch all under the value 900.00, my understand it won’t!
A slight workaround would be to make a few triggers on the same date to each move a less value than the previous. e.g. 500, 250, 100, 50, 20, 10… this way it will move each amount downwards and get you as close to 0 as possible?

Not sure if that helps as a workaround for the meantime before Monzo give a bit more scope.

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There is no way for the service to read what your balance is, so all it can do is move a set amount. If there aren’t enough funds available in your account it will fail.

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Not quite Dannytc. I want to move the total value down so there is 900 remaining, but thanks for the consideration. Appreciated.

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Ok, that makes sense from a security perspective. Thanks Chris_R.



Is there any way for IFTTT to run on the last day of every month, transfering any available balance (or maybe anything above say £20) into a pot? Like an account sweep available from other banks. I’ve looked at this on IFTTT but can’t find anything.


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Don’t think so. There isn’t a trigger for ‘available balance’ unless you did something super overkill and exported all your transactions to a Google spreadsheet (for example) and worked it out from there.


@DC22 Moved your post over to the support thread for IFTTT :slight_smile: