Monzo & IFTTT - Support Thread

(Chris Bacon) #187

Hello - I’m new to Monzo, but am loving it! I’ve got excited and set up an IFTTT thing to move money out of my ParentPay pot into my main account whenever I make a payment to ParentPay, but it doesn’t seem to work. Is there something else I need to do in order to allow it to work in realtime? Thanks

(Ben Talbot) #189

Sadly you can’t make it move the money out of the Pot intime for the transaction to be paid out of the Pot without needing the money in your standard account balance first. It immediately refills the acc balance as soon as the card transaction is authorised. You just need to have a buffer in there first.

It’s annoying, we know. Hopefully they make it so you can dedicate certain pots to certain retailers and bills :raised_hands:

(MikeF) #190

There shouldn’t be. As long as the Merchant Name in the IFTTT trigger matches what’s displayed in your feed for ParentPay. Of course, you also need sufficient money in the pot at the time.

(Ben Talbot) #191

But they’re asking about realtime, which I understand to mean that ParentPay takes the money directly out of the pot, almost, which isn’t how IFTTT works - the money has to be in the available balance first for it to work

(MikeF) #192

If you say so. It doesn’t read that way to me.

(Kyle Risi) #193

Hi Team,

Why is the 1p challenge on IFTTT set between the 1st and the last day of the year, how possible is this to set a custom start date?

(Starling Guru) #194

Because the 1p challenge is all about saving everyday

(Kyle Risi) #195

Um okay?, not what I was asking but thank you for the response. Let me rephrase, how possible is it to set “day 1” of the 1p challenge to today’s date, rather than having to jump into the challenge half way through the year. Starting the challenge today at day 181 means I am putting aside £1.81 rather than 1p.

I currently have to do this manually every day, currently on day 37. it would be great to set a custom start date to allow the automation to kick in.

(Tony) #196

I had this same issue. However I think the only way this could be accomplished would be to somehow record the “start date” for the process, which I don’t think is possible as (the calculation of how many days into the year we are) is done on the Monzo side, not the IFTTT side, so unless they create a pot attribute where you can store the start date in the monzo app for the IFTTT to make use of, it’s a bit of a non-starter.

I have no clue if there is some clever combination of IFTTT recipes which could accomplish this, but just using the standard 1p challenge recipe I don’t think so.

What I did was just start mid-way, with the thought that once I hit NYD 2019 I can start from the beginning. It upset my need for order, but I’m fine with it now… :expressionless:


I haven’t played with IFTTT yet (mea culpa) but can you hook it up to a Google Sheet that does the calculation for you?

(I’m not saying this will work, I’m genuinely curious)

(Michael) #198

Yes you can

(James Waddington) #199

Hi, i’ve budgeted a value per week from a google sheet, how would i go about making an applet that transfers the relevant amount (depends on income each month so the spreadsheet calculates this) into my main monzo balance?

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #200

There is a dedicated IFTTT section of the forum here that might get you some more help: Monzo & IFTTT - Support Thread

Where are you wanting to transfer your money from? A pot into your main balance?

(James Waddington) #201


(James Waddington) #202

The amount would be automatically calculated from a google spreadsheet cell (leftover money)

(James Waddington) #203

How would i go about making an applet to send an amuont from a pot to my available balance each week. This amount would be based on a budgetting spreadsheet (made using gsheets).

(Marcel Ruhf) #204

Do you generate the GSheet automatically?
If that’s the case, depending on how your spreadsheet is setup, you could use the date/time trigger to insert a new row, and the new row trigger to move your weekly allowance from your pot to your main account.

(James Waddington) #205

the values in the gsheet are generated automatically, they’re calculated using basic gsheet functions, so i’d want to create something like:

If Day = Monday
Move value from cell X to monzo main balance

(Kieran McHugh) #206

Hey Kyle,

Applets are stateless with respect to the date that they are switched on. This means (at least to my knowledge) it isn’t possible for us to write an applet that allows you to start the 1p challenge from “day 1”. Sorry about that, I hope the normal challenge is still useful!

(Kieran McHugh) #207

Hey Chris, this should be possible and it should work in real time.
The money will move from the pot to your main account after the transaction happens.

You need to use the “any purchase at a merchant” trigger and specify the name of the merchant exactly as it appears in your feed. Let me know if you have any issues.