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The dividend is variable, so I was kinda hoping there would be something out there to calculate and split it automatically for me.

Not an issue, obviously, but would be nice if it was automated. Simplistically I would want:

  1. Business account moves 2x dividend payments into joint account
  2. Joint account moves dividend into ‘bills pot’
  3. Bills pot splits off 10% and moves this into ‘tax pot’

As said it’s not the end of the world to go in an manually do all this, just wondered if anyone had done similar.


Instructions are in the help section of the Monzo app or you can read them here:


Thank you

This is my new recipe. When I spend at Tesco, move that amount from my food and fuel pot and back into my current account. But due to the round-ups this isn’t exactly how I’d like it.

I just spent £2.13 in Tesco. So £2.13 gone to Tesco, 87p into my coin jar and then £2.13 from my pot has come back to replace it. So I’m £3 spent, but only £2.13 back.

Ideally I would like the full amount (spend + round-up) to come back into my main account or I’m going to have odd pennies everywhere! Urgh!!

Think of it as double round ups :grinning:

I did see someone a while ago post something that would fix that, I think. Let me dig and see what I can find

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There’s no field in the transaction that includes the round up amount (go to the Applet activity log to see all the field for your most recent purchase) so this can’t be achieved with 1 simple recipe.

Two options:

  • Make one applet to record the spend to a spreadsheet and a second to read the amount to take out of the pot calculated as the spend rounded uo
  • Sign up to and you can write some filter code to do this all in one applet
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Thank you. I feared that might be the case.

Even if I can have something that runs at the end of everyday to round up the pot, I could cope with that.

I’ll have a look at the advanced IFTTT

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I found this reddit thread that explains what you need to do, which was originally posted on this Monzo Community IFTTT thread

TL:DR - to get Round Up to work in IFTTT Pot Withdrawls, you need this filter code:

const withdrawAmount = Math.ceil(parseFloat(Monzo.cardPurchase.AmountInAccountCurrency));

Platform takes a small amount of setting up, but it’s not super complex :slight_smile:


AMAZING! Thank you very much.

I’ve managed to create it, I need to go for a walk to Tesco and see if it works :smiley:

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Hilariously, I’ve just realised the reddit post I linked to was a comment I made myself on reddit.

I knew it sounded familiar. Don’t remember posting that at all…


If I receive a payment with a specific description, am I able to use IFTTT to move that money to a pot if the description matches one I’m looking out for?

I believe IFTTT can only respond to card payments?


So I’m nearly there with what I want to do and I’m not sure if this is a Monzo error or if I need to add more to the recipe.

Bought milk - 85p
85p plus the rounded amount comes into my main account from my food and fuel pot.

Perfect. Just what I wanted.

But the original transaction didn’t round up. So I’m left with 15p in my main account.

Is this because I’m confusing things or because I’ve messed around with my pots and the roundup is broken?

Roundup doesn’t work on less then £1 this is because of active card checks.

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Great, thank you!

I’ll go to the shop tomorrow and test it.

You can build this into your filter code too, if you get stuck post into the support thread and I’ll take a look.

All working exactly as I wanted! :smiley:

To give people an example (to save scrolling)

Spent £25.55
Rounds up to £26 - 45p to my pot
£26 comes from my “Fuel & Food” pot.

Big thanks to @BritishLibrary for the help. Because I wanted mine related to the merchant rather than a more broad purchase, I altered the code slightly.

const withdrawAmount = Math.ceil(parseFloat(Monzo.cardPurchaseWithMerchant.AmountInAccountCurrency));

So now I have 3 of these set up for purchases with Tesco/Sainsbury’s/Co-Op

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You can do this as a scheduled deposit without IFTTT though can’t you?

Yes, back then you couldn’t do scheduled transfers to Pots! :wink: