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(Rowan Blackwood) #332

Does anyone know how you can make a trigger based on a category? I can see a couple on ifttt but I can’t see how they did it. :pensive:

(Rowan Blackwood) #333

I was thinking I could do something like this for withdrawing bill payments from a Monzo pot. Anyone got any ideas? Thanks

var category = Monzo.cardPurchase.Category

if (category != "Bills") {
  Monzo.potWithdraw.skip("This transaction is not a bill")
(NM) #334

I don’t really code in Java, my advice would be to test it and see what happens.

(Rowan Blackwood) #335

Thanks. I’m pretty sure it’s JavaScript, but could be wrong. There doesn’t seem to be anyway to see what the output would be. I.e if category would return a string or something else. I’ll do some poking around and see if I can get it working. :crossed_fingers:

(NM) #336

Yeah I was messing with IFTTT and receipts and the only way I could to test was to run it and then see which is rather annoying


Not too experienced with IFTTT statements. But could I make something along the lines of:

  • If transport budget not exceeded
  • Then put X or remainder into pot
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(Steve Cronin) #338

I was completely unaware of IFTTT until stumbling on this thread. Monzo banking is an education!
Also I’ve discovered Stringify to make more complex automations, watch this space :grin:


Does Stringify work with Monzo?

I’ll be interested to see what you can create with it

(Steve Cronin) #340

Not directly, but Stringify and IFTTT do work together, so the idea would be to to have more complex flows at the beginning of the automation and then IFTTT would interact with Monzo at the end of the process


That makes sense. Please share whatever you create as I’ll be interested!

(Michael) #342

From another thread, as might be of interest to people watching this one

TL;DR Monzo still leading the way on IFTTT, but another (new) institution trying their hand at it

(Steve Cronin) #343

So Monzo is about making money work for everybody! Well here is my first take on that using Stringify and IFTTT.
I am making the most of a 2 year interest free on purchases credit card deal, so am adding my daily commute fares to a savings pot automatically whilst actually buying the tickets using the credit card. I have a direct debit set up to pay the minimum payment to the credit card each month and I’ll move the pot money to an account that pays interest and keep building on that until the interest free on purchases deal comes to an end and use the money saved to clear the balance at the end of the two years having paid no interest to the credit card and have earnt interest on money I have to spend anyway.

Martin Lewis calls it “Stoozing!

Check out this Flow from Stringify!

It puts money in a savings pot when I arrive at the station between 06:30 and 09:00 every day!

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(Steve Cronin) #344
(Oliver Dunk) #345

I hope I’m allowed to post this:

It’s a blog post I wrote about my first Monzo and IFTTT creation.

(Steve Cronin) #346

I guess similar to Stringify for being able to extend decision making for IFTTT?

(Oliver Dunk) #347

I’m not too familiar with Stringify, but I think you’re right. Stringify seems to include IFTTT, too, so it’s maybe a bit more complete. I do like the simplicity of, though.


So will IFFFT work with joint accounts and pots, just upgaded my phone with three getting new iphone XR on monday, and as we get money every week l want to add the the required funds to a pot until the day before it is due to be taken.

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #349

I don’t believe it works with joint accounts.


Can you set IFTTT to lock pots?

So say I have a pot called ISA I put X amount in each week and on 01st of the month the pot it auto unlocked (as standard) and i have set the say £50 of the balance to be sent to “My Account” can IFTTT then relock the pot say at midday on the 1st until the 1st of next month and keep it recurring?

(MikeF) #351

No. The set of IFTTT controls was released well before locked pots were a thing so there’s nothing available to work with them I’m afraid.

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