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That’d be fantastic - nice one.

(Chris Rimell) #292

Here is my travel :moneybag: applet. Withdraws money from a pot for any ATM withdrawals made in foreign currency (skips all GBP transactions and also any foreign currency card payments… ATM only). Enjoy.

Unfortunately I’ve not be able to test as fully as I’d like as my card was eaten by an ATM (while testing). Please PM me any feedback good or bad!

(Andy Slater) #293

Every time i log a run on strava it moves 50p into a ‘running shoes pot’ so by the time i log 100 runs i’ll have £50 for new running shoes

(Andy Slater) #294

How do you access Platform? Brief scanning (discreetly, while in work) looks like its for business use? Is this the case?

I’m interested in automation in general and would love to dig deeper into creating applets beyond the simple or pre-made

(Chris Rimell) #295

Nope, I’m not a business. It’s used to be maker

[Edit: ok I see what you mean now, I have no idea. So you see dashboard when you go on the site?]

(Andy Slater) #296

I just see the screen selling IFTTT partnership to businesses then when I log in I just see regular IFTTT

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #297

Log into your regular IFTTT account then go to Both are linked to the same account.


@Ordog, when you do that, and click “Try now” (which seems to be the only way forwards), it still prompts for details about a company and will not allow you to progress without entering these details.

Anyone else have any luck with this? Really want to give IFTTT Platform a try, but IFTTT isn’t letting me. :disappointed:

(Chris Rimell) #299

I get the same too, but I then click the dashboard button by my image in the right corner to access the maker platform. Can you do that?


No, nothing like that. There’s no dashboard option next to my username:

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #301

Just put any company name in you fancy. You only need to pay if you want to publish your creations for others to use. It is free for personal use.

(Michael) #302

I just put my name as the company name :stuck_out_tongue:

(Chris Rimell) #303

I don’t honestly know why it’s as it is, but I didn’t sign up and I didn’t pay but I have published 2 applets now…

(Greg Spinks) #304

Hey guys. Not sure if I dreamt this creation - but would it be possible to set up an applet such as this-

Uber ride complete > Full ride price moved over from pot to current account. Effectively creating an ‘Uber’ pot.


(Chris Rimell) #305

Yes this is possible using the any card purchase at a specific merchant and type Uber as it appears in your feed. Use withdraw from pot action and In the action field for the withdrawal use the ingredients button and select AmountInAccountCurrency or type {{AmountInAccountCurrency}}

(Greg Spinks) #306

Many thanks bud! :smiley: Will try it with a regular merchant and check it works tomorrow! Thanks

(Patrick Feltham) #307

All of this IFTTT functionality needs to be duplicated natively in the app.

Especially, I want to see money moved from a specific pot when a certain budget type is assigned to a transaction. I’d like to have a pot per budget type, and Shen a transaction matches a budget type, that value is moved from the corresponding pot to cover the transaction.

(Andy Slater) #308

I think the point of ifttt functionality is to save monzo from adding specific features which might only serve a few people, give the flexibility and customisability to the users.

I think the trouble with categories as a trigger would be that categories can be changed multiple times. Also, monzo predicts the category, that could trigger a withdrawal that shouldn’t happen, auto categorising would have to be stopped for a feature like that to work

(Chris Rimell) #309

Case in point - supermarket petrol stations are classified as supermarkets i.e. groceries rather than transport…


Currently testing this :soccer: :moneybag:

I’ll just have to wait till they win again to see if it works!:crossed_fingers: