Monzo & IFTTT - Feedback Megathread

I can’t see how you change the temperature that the Winter Savings Challenge IFTTT activates at. It was obvious for the Summer Savings Challenge, but the ability to change the temperature doesn’t seem to be there for the Winter one (unless I’m missing something).

Anyone know how i can write a new version of the save the date applet, as would like more than one instant to be running for saving up for different things that sre seperate from one another.

If so could u put instructions for the formula in the post. I know how to create a applet etc just not how to programme it

Thanks in advance

You should be able to just repeat the process already done for the first one. You can have more than one instance of the same applet in IFTTT

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

I come to select the process made by monzo for save the date and it only says connected for said applet and i click on the cog and it comes up with the settings for the applet thats already running.

Only way i can see if to create a new applet but there isnt anything to select for the save the date formula to put in to a manually created applet.

If monzo can send the formula to put in to the conditions of the applet would be great. Or anyone has got it running more than 1 instance that can tell me how they got it.

You’ll be happy to know they’ve just this second released an applet where you can set a custom temperature :slight_smile:

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With the turn of the year approaching, and the restart of those 1p challenges (for me at least), anyone got any other ideas that haven’t been implemented yet?

I’m gonna tackle both 1p challenges from 1st January I think.

I really wish there was an IFTTT to sync with my Apple Watch “move x amount if I hit activity/stand/move goal”

I’m guessing it is more an Apple problem than an IFTTT/Monzo problem though.

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Has Monzo development of IFTTT stopped? It’s really limited in its current form and it hasn’t moved on pretty much since release.

There’s no triggers for direct debits, bank transfers, salary, incoming transactions etc.
There’s no action to automatically export bank statements/csv so the only way to get this is by logging in and downloading them periodically

It just seems right now like it sounded like a good idea to add, made a decent amount of noise and then forgotten about? Wish this wasn’t the case but certainly looks like it

Hopefully they’ll get back to it but things like open banking have had to take priority

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I’ve just literally spent the last half an hour trying to do something with this.

Best I could get to is a shortcut in iOS that you’d have to trigger to an IFTTT webhook.

iOS shortcould could in theory count your steps (or another activity that is found in “Health”), and if it’s > than a certain amount, activate a webhook.

The webhook at IFTTT end would then move the money once activated.

only 2 problems is that 1) you have to manually run the iOS shortcut, I think, and 2) in testing it my step count seems to count both apple watch and iPhone together, so it’s artificially high, and I’m not sure how to just get the total daily steps.

So limited use…

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New applet launched just now…


REQUEST: IFTTT Action for adding notes and tags.

I use notes and tags to filter and search like many here. Some of my payments are recurring and therefore I add the same notes or tags every time they happen.
I would find it useful if I could have an IFTTT action which would add a pre-defined set of notes and tags to any receipt from a specific vendor.

i.e. IF Any card purchase at a merchant THEN add notes/tags to the transaction


You might want to add your suggestion in the below topic. After the announcement below it’s something that they can hopefully look into while doing their plan.

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Thanks. Will do.

New IFTTT applet released by Monzo today.

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I wish I had £13.70 a day to put away, that’s like £400 a month “spare”!!

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Very random amount, but it’s based on science so who are we to argue :laughing:


£5,000 is excessive for most!

I’d like a £1,000 option (I know I could do it myself) but I don’t want the constant moving from my main account to a pot.

The “dream” would be that it takes £xx from my coin jar and moves it to a hidden pot.

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I completely don’t get the point of this applet…It’s completely arbitrary :confused:

“Save £4,000 a year by not spending £10.95 a day”.
“Save £3,000 a year by not spending £8.21 a day”.

We really didn’t need an applet for this sort of random savings goal, and let’s be honest, who is spending ~£14 wastefully each day? It’s far more likely to be blown in large purchases over a longer course of time than a daily basis, so why not just dump ~£330 a month into a pot? It’s sad to think someone was paid to put this applet together.

For a lot of people the mental hurdle of £X per day is a lot easier than £Y in one go. That’s part of the appeal of these daily challenges and Savings apps right? £14 a day might be on the excessive side sure, but that’s not much more than a coffee in the morning and going out for Lunch instead of getting a meal deal.

And I would wager for a lot of the people that fall into that camp, part of the battle is seeing a balance and believeing it can therefore be spent (i.e, not budgeting).

The whole “nudge theory” of small incremental changes apply here I think.

Think of it as a marketing excercise for Monzo - base the integration off of a tweet gaining popularity, and the 10 minutes you spend building the applet will hopefully result in a new customer or two.