Monzo & IFTTT - Feedback Megathread

Are we ever going to get relevant updates :rofl:

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Perhaps they’re busy with something else.

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One, two, three, four, new applets recently and all I want is an awesome new trigger to play with.

Imagine the potential with something as simple as ‘on payday’ or ‘pot balance’ :weary:


We can but dream
EDIT: Do we know if Monzo have an internal vision for IFTTT

I have been using IFTTT with monzo for a while now. The latest update is very slick, but I’m not sure why they look away the toggle colour on applet that tells it’s on and connected. It’s now black. I liked seeing it green as an indication it’s on.

Here’s what it looks like when you select it

  1. That’s IFTTT that you are looking at, not Monzo.
  2. You are in dark mode (or have Accessibility filters turned on) as you entire screen is black and white.

It’s the new IFTTT ‘look’ in the recently redesigned app. They’ve chosen to go all dark and flat.


Ahh ok, point 1 stands then.

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Yeah I agree, looks a bit naff :-1:

Can Monzo not intergrate IFTTT into the Monzo app like Dozens have done?

This would be more convenient and surely open up IFTTT to more customers.

Would it be possible to change the budget timeframe to 1 week so you can budget weekly as opposed to every month or 4 weeks? As a student, it is a lot more helpful to be able to budget on a week-to-well basis due to nearly every month having a different number of weeks spent at university.

This isn’t an IFTTT issue.

If you want to vote for weekly budgeting then you can do so here :slight_smile:

Ah perfect, thank you very much!
(Sorry for posting in the wrong place - someone at Monzo support told me to post here.)

I’m not sure if this is the place for IFTTT suggestions or even if it’s been asked before but…

I already have IFTTT rules setup to move money out of a pot when I spend money with a specific merchant. I would like to be able to do the same when I pay a person via Monzo. I have tried putting in their name as the merchant name but that does not work - I’m guessing as Monzo doesn’t include these types of transactions with IFTTT rules currently?

My use case example is paying my PT (who I just got switched to Monzo :partying_face: ) instead of paying him cash. I’d like the money moved from a pot I have setup each time I pay him via Monzo.


This is the correct place to ask :slight_smile:

However, sadly you can’t do what you want. IFTTT only has triggers for merchants as you’ve said and not people :cry:

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Thanks @Ordog. Ah well. I’ll just have to do it manually. :slight_smile:
Thanks for confirming! Saved me spending ages trying to work it out! :grinning:

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The limit to IFTTT is actually that the trigger is a card transaction so a transfer of any kind won’t result in anything.

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You could set up a SO if it’s the same value every time and have that allocated to a Bill Pot

New applet released just now… Expect a blog post about it soon :sweat_smile: