Monzo & IFTTT - Feedback Megathread


Can’t you use the integration with Google docs, multiply there then use changes to the sheet to drive actions in Monzo?

(Genuine question: I’ve not hooked Monzo up to ifttt so no idea if that’d work).

(MikeF) #437

Absolutely, but that gets harder to describe, particularly if you want it fully automated with no manual intervention. I’ve done it for my fuel pot management but even that needs manually clearing out once a month.

(Paul) #438

Can anyone help? I’ve created a IFTTT whereby when I enter an area, money transfers to a pot. I’ve entered the area twice now and it hasn’t worked. Something I’m doing wrong? All location permissions on my phone are on. Thanks

(Chris Rimell) #439

Try setting it to do something else like turn wifi on or off or something else on your device (under Android Device service). That way you can see if it is location that’s not working correctly for sure.

(Paul) #440

Thanks, I’ll try that