Monzo & IFTTT - Feedback Megathread


Hi @kieranmch, could we please have a pre-made Monzo Applet that builds a rainy day fund? i.e. the opposite of what’s currently available so “if it rains, put some money in the rainy day pot”.

(Kieran McHugh) #290

Try this and let me know if it works.

(Kieran McHugh) #291

That’s like double depressing!

You can build this yourself using the Weather Underground trigger.

(Lawrence Ferguson) #292

Wouldn’t it be amazing it the transaction details were the actual tweet as well…

(SA) #293

Awesome :star_struck: thanks. Going in about a week so will try it then :+1:


I have no idea how to do this. I’m a noob :confused:
Edit: figured it out now

I think it’s more useful to build a rainy day fund that to take from it. Seems to make more sense. I wouldn’t run them both at the same time, but it gives an option to choose on or the other.

(Felix Meadowsweet) #295

Great to see this new foreign currency based applet. I was just thinking - wouldn’t it be great if when I next go abroad it would automatically withdraw money from a holiday pot. And the community and Monzo gods have answered :pray:

Might you be able to expose this option as a trigger? So it would pull out X amount from the pot into main balance in one go.

I was trying to find a Flight Tracking type app that would trigger something when a plane lands :flight_arrival: - but from what I could see this is a tad beyond me and IFTTT.

But dreaming on… it could one day pull the flight number from the ticket purchase info and you’d be set to automate your holiday/trip spend.

Going one step further, with this type of trigger and the planned categories actions you could set it to assign all foreign payments for a set business trip (turn it on/off in IFTTT when needed) to be assigned to expenses.

Ok I’ll stop now, and apologies if any of this type of thing has been suggested elsewhere / already. I find that here it’s very much ‘ideas are in the air’ with “great minds thinking alike!” :smiley:

Looking forward to joining the event on the 14th and seeing what more can be created by everyone one.

(Now will Monzo surprise release more triggers on the day?.. Mmmm :wink: )

(Liam W) #296

If you use the platform to create applets, you have access to all the extra fields.

(Felix Meadowsweet) #297

Just saw that IFTTT is trending in the iOS App Store search. Could this be due to Monzo’s recent integration?

Seem to remember this happening on Twitter when Apple Pay arrived!



Please create the following functions

Trigger - Note [user input] added to transaction

Action - Change transaction to [category]

Action - Add Note [user input] to transaction

(Caspar Aremi) #300

So today I got off my bus near my gym (and my favourite gay bar) and instantly got an IFTTT notification that the gym applet had run. But then I went to Boots, a short walk away, and then back to the gym entrance, and it ran again. It’s not an issue, but as it’s in a part of town I could go past several times a day, I might end up transferring quite a bit of money.

Can the pre-built gym applet be set to run only once a day? If not, I assume if I build it myself I can do that. I’ll check tomorrow when I’m not so exhausted! (A long session at the gym followed by a very long day wandering around the shops of east London has wiped me out - and given my Monzo card a good workout too).

(Thomas Lockyer) #301

The functionality this early is great, so thank you, I’m just wondering if there’s been any talk of whether IFTTT will ever have visibility of amounts in pots/remaining balances to perform actions?

(Michael Oliver) #302

I tried this but did it with Monzo, saved about £2.38 in one day. My only issue was I have 238 1p transfers to a pot on my transaction feed.

(Alex Sherwood) #303

It’s hard to tell for sure but this is pretty awesome -

(Fergus Macdonald) #304

This is huge! Love it. Been thinking about what you’re building for the product and this just makes so much sense. Technology today is about systems talking to each other, not one system doing everything. Great work guys.

(Kieran McHugh) #305

Could you make the radius a bit smaller or move the circle away from the street?


I’ve been playing about with some basic geofencing in IFTTT - it doesn’t seem to deal well with small radiuses (radii?) - it flat out refuses to accept anything that’s smaller than a few hundred metres in diameter for me.


In addition to these, is it possible to have an Action that empties the contents (as opposed to a fixed amount) of a pot into our account?

(Doug) #308

Is it possible to get one with adjusted figures, or allow for adjustment at the user end? 1p for every 10 metres is quite a lot when you do 200km a week… Would like £1 per 10/20km or something

(Kenneth Cajigas) #309

I agree with this, I hope we would be able to change the 1p value or even the distance as I didn’t realise it would be expensive very easily :eyes: This attempted to happen to me today lol so I’ve turned it off for now…