Monzo & IFTTT - Feedback Megathread

(Kenneth Cajigas) #188

One of the problems I’m finding with the 1p savings challenge on IFTTT, is that my current balance ends up being unrounded… Would it be possible to add an IFTTT ingredient to just sweep / fix the balance at the end of the day automatically?

(I’m just lazy to do it myself :blush:)


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Great work on bringing IFTT to the platform - much smarter to do this first to make broad automation doable for power users and workout what to prioritise in App for the masses where the UX can be so much better. Thank you. :clap:

I have a few questions/comments:

  1. Will IFTT work with Joint accounts? Assuming Pots will be available for joint accounts (:question::eyes::soon::grin:) this would be very powerful for budgeting for annual one off transactions (car insurance and servicing spring to mind). Annual train season ticket saving would be the personal account example that jumps to mind.

  2. Are you planning on supporting Siri Shortcuts in IOS 12? This could potentially be as powerful and could potentially leverage the same work?

  3. Please can we get balance and spending query actions so that I can get balance notified as I leave home (Life360) and daily spending overview each evening.

  4. Please can we get an edit notes on transactions action so that we can create rules to automatically tag them.

  5. Please can you lobby IFTT to add AND/OR qualifiers.

Thank you :pray::+1:

(Starling Guru) #190

Ok I like this now I was reminded how it worked so I would now like to be able have something like this:

If last day of month then move £XX from Pot to external payee

As I want to move money from coin jar to my little ones bank account


Isn’t that just a standing order?

Edit: ah you cannot from a pot

(MikeF) #192

I don’t think they’ll allow fundsto be transferred out of your Monzo account. That seems to be one of the fundamental security guarantees of all this.


I don’t this will happen any time soon but would be great to have this. Other banks will need to make their API’s available for IFTTT integration and then banks would need users to allow them to connect and make transfers via IFTTT.

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #194

wouldn’t that “just” be one rule for pots instigated by Monzo rather than IFTTT - when this pot reaches £100 / £500 transfer to whatever savings vehicle Monzo have in market place

(Super-cali-fragi-listic-expiali-docious) #195

Fantastic News! :fire: I’m so happy, IFTTT is a daily driver for me.

Consistently Save Daily

I was excited to start saving more when I saw the “daily/weekly challenges”, however I didn’t want the worry of the payments increasing every week (getting more expensive at the end of the year), therefore I created the “Pound a day” challenge which literally, adds £1 (Or more or less) to a pot of your choice every day.

Google Assistant

I created two applets that allow you to add or remove money from a pot based on what you ask Google, which I think would be great as a fun incentive for kids (if you give them money) to do chores, or when they’ve been good. (Customise to suit your needs)

Hey Google, add £X to the kids pot. - “I see they’ve been good, I’ve added £X to the kids pot for you.”
Hey Google, the kids have been naughty. - “That’s not good, I’ve taken £X from their pot.”

Other Ideas

I have a few ideas for the future of apps that’d I may make when future triggers/actions come out.

  • Freeze my card if I walk into McDonalds/Starbucks/Etc…
  • Hey Google, I’ve lost my card / Freeze my card.
  • If my balance drops below X, Notify me “Your balance is below £50, you need to stop spending.”
    • (I’d like notifications within Monzo for this, rather than Pushbullet/Other service)
  • If I pay “John Doe” send a text to “John Doe” with body “I’ve just paid you my rent. ({{amount}})”

(Simon) #196

Would love one to round to the nearest £5 or £10. I don’t think this is possible yet​:thinking:, please correct me if I’m wrong :grin:


Yes, or you can make things complicated like I explained :joy:

Of course, yours would be a much better solution.

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #198

thats when it all becomes very interesting for unconscious savings that could help so many people that have problems with savings / budgeting :slight_smile: :slight_smile: at the moment for me its all just moving your money around into separate pots thats easily accessible - to move the money out of easy reach is the key for me :slight_smile:

(Thomas Allan) #199

I think with the amount of individual preferences, it would be good if we could speicify an amount to round up too in the applet!

(Simon) #200

Yes, some way of calculating a difference would be cool. Also for calculating percentage of income to move and round up/down incoming payments as well as direct debits / standing orders


I welcome the use of IFTTT but I can I just confirm that this intergration won’t be used instead of creating new rules for pots and things like that? A lot of customers don’t use IFTTT and we don’t want to alienate people who choose not to use this service.

(Ed Stubbs) #202

Can I request an action please - exclude payment from summary

I manage a 7 a side football team and pay the fees every week for the team and then they pay me back via bank transfer/

It would be great if every time I paid powerleague, it would exclude that payment from the summary.

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(Greg Stevenson) #203

Anyone else have concern giving a third party organisations access to all of your spending and transaction history? :thinking:

(Simon) #204

Yes, although I’ve pretty much accepted the fact that card payments aren’t private. I still use a lot of cash simply because I’m uncomfortably with anyone knowing my exact spending patterns all the time.
I guess it’s a trade off between usability and privacy :man_shrugging:t3:

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(Super-cali-fragi-listic-expiali-docious) #205

As far as I’m aware IFTTT is more for the features that have been bought up but internally (or community) decided aren’t required within the app but people may still want to use, therefore they can make the tools accessible to those users, but without bloating the app. For example, payment rounding, I personally think the right place for it is within “If this… Then that…” whereas in the app it didn’t feel right to me, in IFTTT I can turn it on and off, in Monzo, I had to create a pot with a specific name.

However I do believe they will continue to add rules and such within Monzo app, it’s just working out what should be in the app and what should be essentially an addon.

(Thomas Allan) #206

(Justin) #207

What an incredible achievement. I’ve long seen integration with IFTT as the Holy Grail of app capabilities, just because of the unparalleled extent to which it increases the power and reach of an app.

I can’t wait to create some recipes!

I’m awestruck by the scale of your ambition. Well done to the team :heart_eyes: