Monzo ID: Young Scot / PASS Hologram

Hey folks,

asking for my little brother.

Has anyone had/heard of anyone having any success with opening a Monzo account with a Young Scot card with the PASS hologram?

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I’m afraid it wouldn’t work:

  • A valid ID – we’ll accept your:
    • Passport
    • Driving licence (your provisional is fine)
    • National ID card
    • Biometric residence permit
    • Electoral Identity Card issued by the Electoral Office for Northern Ireland

I can confirm, a Young Scot card won’t work (tried that two years ago and nothing had changed).

You’ll need to use a driving license / passport or any of the other things @ndrw listed above from the help article.

Thats what I thought unfortunately.

Struggling to get someone to countersign the photo for his provisional as he doesnt really know anyone eligible.

Thanks anyway everyone

Depending how old, a teacher might be able to :pray:


A (new?) one is also a director of a vat registered business so hopefully you know someone.

They will need a valid UK passport and it takes 5 minutes to do it online as it can all be done digital now with reference number.

Edit; this is for a passport application I’ve not checked if they also offer this for driving license applications.