Monzo for Android - Teardowns & Deep Dives 👨‍💻

True but realistically we all know we have a savings pot/account. If we want to “forget” about the money it’s best being locked for a fixed period which shawbrook and other savings banks who partner with Monzo do. I just like all my accounts to be in a list form or in sections like nationwide. I just don’t like how Monzo have little boxes all over the app - it’s very child like with how it’s all laid out. Even the cashback is at the bottom of the app.

Or even just the option to move the boxes around the app would help. Or delete boxes I don’t use.

Where do you draw the line? You put some savings up there, but not the 3rd party ones - which aren’t in theory locked away, unless you go for the fixed term?

But then investments, and safety net, they’re meant to be there longer term, and not dip in/out of (hence can’t pay direct debits from them etc), should they stay at the bottom, but the interest rates shouldn’t. ISAs, there’s cash and stocks/shares ones, should they be split.

What about my mortgage, should that be a card at the top, but it’s not an account I can spend from.

How about my loan account, that’s not an account I can spend from, similar to my ISA & Investments … should that be a thing at the top? Maybe not.

Pretty sure this was hinted at :soon:

I was simply suggesting it would look better all in a drop down menu. Just because there accounts already doesn’t actually mean the functionality is an account. Just something similar to how the accounts are…. Maybe a small bar across to divide the spending accounts to a mortgage account? Like how it’s set out in Nationwide? My point was I just like to see where all my accounts and finances are rather than scrolling to the bottom of the screen or clicking tabs. Could even go back to old Monzo where you scrolled across from different account?

Well, well… :monzo: Freemium Black coming :soon:


Move over, Viola Black.

nice April Fools bro.


The big feature was Paying in at the Post office right? :rofl::rofl:

Man I fell for it hook like and sinker :rofl:

You got me @davidwalton

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Access granted


You honestly put a lot of effort into that!

High effort April fools! I like it


@davidwalton In your latest teardown you’ve shown that ‘background customisation goes live’. Do you know where that option is in the app? :eyes:

I’ve not found it, or how to activate it yet - Android. A flag in the last teardown showed it as being live, but there may need to be a certain (upcoming) version of the app to actually allow control of it :man_shrugging:

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I’ve had a look everywhere on iOS but can’t see it. Thanks for getting back to me, hopefully it’s customisable soon :crossed_fingers:

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