Monzo for Android - Beta Channel Changelog 🕵

There’s a few on slack that have that issue. Monzo are on the case :hushed:

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It’s all being discussed over here…

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Cheers for update.

:tada: A new peak behind the scenes for 2.55.0 is now out! :tada:

Come take a look.

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2.56.0 has landed

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Loving the new update, alot cleaner.

Also can you please link me to the Pot images. I need them in my life.

In the profile section is says “Switch your energy supply and get up to £50”. But when you click on it, the description changes to “Get up to £75 and save money on your energy bills”?

Loads on this thread and some more here

On first launch, I got the spinning disc and white screen :sob:
Uninstalled & reinstalled - app loaded but on the old, standard nav
Went to Monzo Labs to check the ‘Monzo New Navigation’ - it was set. So I unset it and re-set it just in case.
New nav then loaded and I noticed the following;

  • Only my user icon is shown on any account, even when on the Joint Account account/pots feeds
  • There is a new blue ‘pie’ icon at the top right to get to Summary, and the tap-on-account-balance to get to Summary no longer works (no blue surround box)
  • Pot names are showing under the account balance
  • The ‘janky’ animation of the first card (which one or more pots which stack under it) is still there

There may be more… The most ‘???’ item for me is the loss of the other person profile icon when showing the Joint Account information?

EDIT: also noticed - when I choose a different Icon to use for the app, it now automatically replaces the default one, instead of having to manually select it from the app list and place it on the selected screen This auto-icon-update is a very nice touch, but may be related to Andoid Q (beta 5) dealing differently with Icon changes?

I’m definitely not a fan of the Summary being behind an icon to click.
I loved the line under the balance to show your summary, I hope I’m right in thinking this will return when they’re figured out all out :blush:
Also not sure why swiping down opens the old list of pots… Confusing.


Still no sign of 2.62.0 :pleading_face:

It’s on its way to the beta channel :wink:


Brill, thanks! Been refreshing all day.

It’s my little bit of fun at the end of the week seeing how the new nav is coming along :blush:

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It’s just dropped for me…

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Oh it’s fancy


The transaction slide doesn’t seem as fluid. You can’t seem to go the opposite direction quickly without it glitching?


Good grief - the pull-down animation is awful


Really? I quite like it

Ask a thousand Monzo community forum members, get a thousand views!


I like it too

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