Monzo for Android - Beta Channel Changelog 🕵

Ah ok. I could do with summary disappearing though as it’s completely useless.:grin:

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A big thumbs down :-1: from me… I don’t understand the thinking behind removing the summary widget and hiding the feed items on the new layout… as for the summary button… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


that’s so hidden and not intuitive

I agree. I can’t for the life of me think it’s intentional.

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… and the feed on my joint account hangs when I switch to it, just seeing the spinning circle… :frowning:

Edit: refreshing the feed seems to have resolved the issue with my joint account…

I reckon it is but I think a triangle shaped symbol would make more sense, to “pull” it up

I prefer the feed in the half open state, it aligns with the bottom of the card and feels far more “correct”…


I think I preferred the peeking card the most. Got to be honest I don’t think any of them feel quite right at the moment.


Not sure that I like half of the home screen occupied by the card. My primary use of the home screen is to see my balance, remaining budget and transactions…

I wonder if they’ve done it this way to tile more icons like you would have on your phone? :thinking:

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I think that would be pretty terrible. I want an intuitive way to use app, not a jumble of icons. I guess we have to wait for an update from Monzo


Oh god I hope not. Right now I’d move help to Summary and Summary to help. Help seems to fit in with the rest of the buttons whereas Summary really doesn’t.

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I hope not too. Or dare I say it… Ads :skull_and_crossbones:

They’ve opened up a lot of space for something.

Pulse graph V2? :grinning:

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Definitely doesn’t look good on my screen. Text cut off all over.

Pulse graph :joy: Hope ads will never happen!


I want to believe it’s a result of their hotfix on android and that it’ll be back to normal with the next update…


Does not bother wrapping on my screen - the icons head off the side of the screen instead

Hoping this is a temporary lash up to get it working again

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:tada: NEW – Version: 2.54.0 :tada:

You can now choose within the app to have your prefered name or legal name on your debit card:
(No option to change your prefered name to something else within the app yet though!)

Check it out at: monzo://new_card_name

Click here for this week’s teardown.


I’ve just turned it on. First impressions are good although that might just be because it’s different. Glad summary is hidden away as it’s useless for me. I like the carousel for pots, even if it is slightly off centre.


Hi I’ve just updated to the latest beta on playstore and app is force closing, I’m on latest Android Q beta , anyone else having issue?