Monzo for Android - Beta Channel Changelog


Mine vanished too.

(Sean) #650

I’ve just noticed that top-up by card has reappeared for me in the latest beta. I’m 99% sure that it wasn’t there about a week ago.

(Michael) #651

Yeah, still there


And it works!


We’ve been turning off top ups gradually and monitoring the impact on customers getting in contact about it.

(Sean) #654

But am I going mad imagining that it previously disappeared for me?! Can’t cope with this on a Monday morning :poop:


Can you share if there’s been a high volume of customers getting in contact, at all?


I was off ill for the majority of last week :face_with_thermometer: I can see who to ask :eyes:


Oh no. I hope you’re on the mend!


It’s just a super bad cold, that floored me.



I want to tap like but it feels kinda inappropriate.

Lots of that going around here, too :frowning:


Issue: cannot launch Monzo, because no icon and no launch button on Play Store. App still shows as installed in settings

Go to Play Store and try to launch. Following screen

OS: Android
Device: Xiaomi Redmi 4
App Version: beta 2.19.1

(Andy) #661

This is a known change:

As it’s not a bug I’m going to merge into the change log thread


Would have been nice to have some notice of this!


Disappointed to see Chat has been removed from press and hold shortcuts. I know Monzo don’t want people to get on chat too often and use help section but this small change felt like they are creating unnecessary barriers just like some companies who present you with 20 options to choose on phone.

(Marcus Nailor) #664


I agree… That’s a shame! However I would hazard a guess to there being a slightly less sinister reason, it’s probably because by holding the app icon pressing it takes you straight to the intercom section of the help chat thing as opposed to chat to a real human which lets you choose between urgent and non-urgent.

Skipping past that whole option might’ve made people wait longer than they had to (assuming the issue was a very urgent one) :blush:

It can be removed, therefore it can be added back with the same amount of effort :wink: we might see it return once monzo have their in-house chat option rolled out! :tada:

(Marcus Nailor) #665

Version 2.20.0 :grin::grin:


Apkmirror: soon™️

(Sam H) #666

Did the “it looks like you’ll have some money left over” message disappear for anyone else after the update? Unless it disappeared for some other reason.


Haven’t seen that message all month :see_no_evil:

(Sam H) #668

I’m sure I saw it a few days ago, but maybe I’m going slightly mad :sweat_smile: