Monzo for Android - Beta Channel Changelog

(Chris Rimell) #489

@iptoriga @nexusmaniac

Can I suggest you create a new thread for this conversation? This topic is about the beta rollouts and feedback on the updates not just general feedback…

(Tony Hoyle) #490

The app always seemed a bit like they’ve delegated one page per developer and they all have different styles… I presume that’ll converge over time if only because it’s a heck of a lot easier to write code that way. They’re also suffering from removing the burger menu but not having any replacement, so you get the ‘hidden’ screen behind the accounts panel.


100% agree that the “Scheduled Payments” section should probably have its own tab along with “SEND” and “REQUEST”.

(Marcus Nailor) #492

New update!

No nonsense changelog too :wink:

Version: 2.10.0 :tada:

(Marcus Nailor) #493

Version 2.10.1 (mini-:tada:):yum:

No changelog update! Likely some minor fixes :bug: Will update if I find out what exactly :grin:

(Matthew) #494

I’m still not able to update my number within the app without opening a chat after both these app updates. I have cleared cache but no luck. Anybody else?

(Marcus Nailor) #495

It’s not a guaranteed ability… There are several factors affecting the ability to switch your mobile number without chatting to COps :wink:

To quote @Rika

In this case, the feature could be enabled or disabled based on a variety of factors. It’s not just a feature flag.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

(Foxy) #496

wait… what? SO’s from Monzo are taken if it falls on the weekend if it is created on Monzo, but it only goes on weekdays if brought over by CASS?

All my SO’s were brought over by CASS and I’d love them to go out at the weekend if that’s when the date falls rather than wait til the Monday.

(Chris Rimell) #497

Yes exactly that, so the only way to amend these standing orders to go on weekends currently is to cancel them and set them back up. It’s not the best experience in my view, but there we go.

(Andy) #498

It’s something to do with protecting existing standing orders and how they behaved with legacy banks (who don’t always process them at weekends).


The Make Monzo your main account button seems to have gone for me now


Great spot - mine too!

(It was a bit annoying, wasn’t it?)

(Marcus Nailor) #501

New version!



From the 3DS thread

(Matthew) #503

Just tried this 3 times. Tapping this notification opens the Monzo app to my Home feed, but I don’t receive any kind of prompt or info regarding the transaction - no possible way to approve/decline.

Labs Feedback: 3DS 🔓
(Marcus Nailor) #504

Little hotfix for 3DS :blush:
Version 2.11.1

(Marcus Nailor) #505

2.11.2! :see_no_evil: More bugs likely squashed :grin:
No changelog updates.

(Chris Rimell) #506

You can now actually update your phone number without chat which wasn’t working in the previous beta

(Laurynas) #507

How do I get access to beta channel?


You can enroll in the playstore. I think it’s at the bottom of the page.