Monzo for Android - Beta Channel Changelog

(Ayan Ozturk) #449

The update today version 2.6.1 fixes the joint account feed crash :tada:

(Marcus Nailor) #450

Coin Jar Roundups have just been activated! :tada:

Look out for the little toggle switch whilst editing a pot :wink:

(Note: this can only be enabled on one pot at a time… But it means that without labeling a pot Coin Jar and without using IFTTT, you can round up purchases to the nearest £ and put those pennies into any pot of your choosing :sunglasses:, how cool is that?!)


(Daz Fisher) #451

I would be very interested to know how much you regular users of the round up pot are averaging in savings per month?

(Chris Rimell) #452

Even if you’re not already doing it, it’s easy enough to figure out by going through your card purchases in a month… csv challenge anyone :smiley:

(Marcus Nailor) #453

Version 2.7.0 is here! :tada:
These updates are rolling out faster than Autobots! :joy:

(Daz Fisher) #454

£10.59 :joy:

(Daz Fisher) #455

What would happen on a refund;
£11.29 spent therefore 71p to round up pot feed shows £12.00
refunded £11.29

(Jack) #456

You just get the refund £11.29 refund, the coin jar money doesn’t also get returned.

(Sacha) #457

About £40/month. Currently up to around £150.

Just set a target of £1,000 :grin:

(Marcus Nailor) #458

2.8.0 … Booooring :smirk:

(Chris Rimell) #459

Editable standing orders are here woohoo!! :stuck_out_tongue:

(Marcus Nailor) #460

You ase correct! :smiley:



Good one just waits patiently for iOS test flight version.

(Andy) #462

Editable SO should be live on iOS already in the production app. Got pushed live today.


Your right just tried thanks.

(Sacha) #464

Any reason why the amounts on the Scheduled Payments screen appear twice?

(Marcus Nailor) #465

We were discussing that over on slack :grin:

Believe we’ve narrowed it down to last month’s payment and next month’s predicted amount :wink: not sure which way around though :joy: I’m sure this design will be altered at some point with to make it clearer and more useful to the user :grin::grin:


Surely both values are always going to be the same? Monzo can’t predict what the next payment will be with any accuracy until that company process it a few days before it comes out?

(Jack) #467

Maybe when the marketplace launches and you sign up to an electricity supplier that’s listed it could create a link where Monzo can see your electricity account and thus know what the payments will be in real-time.
This could also work for credit card or any other service that requires a payment.

They could also use more than just last months figure as a prediction. Maybe the last 3 and take an average?

(Patrick) #468

Are they?

I just went to edit one…