Monzo fonts miss-match

(Dominic Adshead) #1

The fonts on pots and main account don’t match

Open account page swipe through accounts and pots

OSX 11.4
iPhone X

(Jack) #2

Myself and a few others have also noticed this :point_up:


If you’d noticed everything in that screenshot you wouldn’t have used that emoji

(Customer of Lloyds Banking Group, plc) #4

Not too sure what’s different. The font is exactly the same. In pots, the pound figures are in bold. What am I missing?

Different font weights on account tab
(Jack) #6

:sweat_smile:, The font is the same but some are in bold and some aren’t. I presume this what the OP is referring to without being specific

(Dominic Adshead) #7

@Rat_au_van thats exactly why the emoji has been used the community manager told me i could not use the one i use for EVERYTHING else, apparently monzo doesn’t like bottoms.

@Jackcrwhitney @HoddzDJ this is exactly it, why is the font in the pots in bold and the font in the account not, it looks odd that there is a difference, it should all be the same either bold or not.

(Customer of Lloyds Banking Group, plc) #8

There will be a reason pots are bold, and all will become clear :soon: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hey @cookywook , can we get a discourse badge for most bum pictures posted to the board? :joy:

(Dominic Adshead) #10

@HoddzDJ interestingly it does not appear to be consistent.

When you first open the app go into accounts, the last pot is not in bold and then when you leave accounts and go back in or exit the app and go back in it then becomes bold

(Customer of Lloyds Banking Group, plc) #11

Yes it takes a while to update to bold, but they become bold for a reason.

(Dan) #12

You can’t leave us hanging here like this. Please elaborate :nerd_face:

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(Customer of Lloyds Banking Group, plc) #16

I’ve already said more than I should have.

(I know someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows someone) #19

(Adam Kendrew) #20

Such a tease! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Beta User) #21

We need to know what this is! Its driving me crazy, what it is for? Joint Pots are in bold maybe?


Literally, who’s know ?! I guess we just have to wait and see. “Bold” move by @HoddzDJ saying that.

(Customer of Lloyds Banking Group, plc) #23

I honestly can’t say, it would get me in so much shit and as much as I would love to tell everyone, it’s not worth it. Just keep your eyes peeled :eyes::soon: