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Hi I have had a free Monzo account for 5 years but now I have gone to Monzo plus and loving It
I am just really curious are there any polls or stats on what Monzo features are the most popular / loved or liked … just curious what 2-3 are people’s favorites. Pots , Roundup, Salary sorter, etc … How do people use these things, and whats made it better in managing finances vs whoever you banked with before
Seems like Monzo is capable of so much but some of it is not obvious. Thanks Raj




You can see which have the most votes on here. However, we’re reminded that we’re only a tiny portion of Monzo users in general.

Edit: You can’t link to filters on here :see_no_evil: Click the above link and then press ‘votes’ at the top of the page to see them sorted by highest votes first.

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Sheets export >

Custom categories and using multiple categories is the main reason I’m trying Plus at the minute. And adding other accounts to trends.

Without those trends would never be fully accurate for me, which means I wouldn’t use it at all. I don’t currently use or really want to use any other features.

Trends is great so far though.

As a person on the ASD spectrum Pots make things a lot nicer, plus I can’t spend that money if it’s locked away. Monzo is not my savings account though, I use OneFamily for this.

I like the ability to be able to split everything up, so I can out money away for a haircut, put some money aside for new electronics, which I put a little bit of money on per month. Also have an Instant ISA with added interest if I want to have an emergency fund or just some money if I want to for some reason make an unnecessary purchase.

I did have Monzo Plus but I didn’t use many of the features, except Virtual cards but I don’t see why this can’t be a free feature to be honest, a lot of people will then try Monzo more despite the 6 million customers already present.

I’ve also recently moved to Plus - mainly for custom categories.
Would love to use other accounts feature but of my bank is not included.
Would also be good to see Freetrade and Wise balances - both being fintechs, it shouldn’t be that difficult.

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