Monzo Current Account Counter

(Hugh Wells) #703

So…are we taking bets on 1m yet? :thinking:

(Jack) #704

My guess a few months back has been lost somewhere on this thread or another :man_shrugging:

Some time around the beginning of October…

(Ben ) #705

Will there be some sweet sweet Monzo swag for whoever gets closest?!

(Hugh Wells) #706

Rude :wink:

Aha, possibly above my pay grade but I’m sure a tshirt might be going spare :wink:

(Happy St Patrick’s Day ) #707

I originally said Halloween but now I’m thinking 14th September. At 6.48pm. It will be overcast with some showers.

(Jack) #708

Ok so I found my original: 📰 Q&A with Tom Blomfield, founder of Monzo – Open Up Challenge

I’m taking it right back to the 17th of September :slight_smile: :chart_with_upwards_trend:

(Dan) #709

I originally said October 10th but I’m sure it’s gonna be way sooner now. Especially since Monzo is focusing on growth too now.

Gonna change my guess to September 15th.

(Ben ) #710

Well if there’s a Monzo t shirt up for grabs…!

I’m going to go for… Saturday 29th September, at about 22:00


Sunday 23rd Sept at 14:23 … Get your countdown ready :wink:


Thursday, 20th September at 3:30pm.

(Sacha) #713

Tuesday 18th September at 4pm…the clock is ticking :laughing:

(Andy) #714

October 18th. 6pm. Free stickers for everyone when it happens please!


28th September at 18:15


Is it my imagination or is the account counter ticking up much faster?

Advertising campaign working?

We getting some Manchester folk on board? (I think I read we are now advertising in Manchester now?)

(Simon B) #717

Shall we get a vote going on 1.2 mill? :joy:


At this rate I imagine the weekend!

(Happy St Patrick’s Day ) #719

Friday 23rd at high noon :cowboy_hat_face:

(Sam) #720

Definitely advertising going on up here in sunny Manchester. I’ve seen ads on the tram (similar to the tube ads) as well as digital screen ads in central Manchester.



We should stick them on the back of Eddie Sto lorries, they’re always up and down the country!


Let’s make it more interesting. What will the count be at 12:00 on Christmas Day?

My guess: 1,320,000