Monzo Current Account Counter

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50,462 already!

Is it safe to say we’ve beaten the TCB or shall we wait a bit longer?

(Peter Roberts) #165

What has you in great pain :frowning:?


Doubt it, they’ve had 50k downloads on android alone.


But how many active users? 50k are people who are actively choosing to upgrade, indicating current use.


No idea.

Would assume that combined with apple store they’re getting 20k downloads a month if they had a license five months tho. Who knows what the retention rate is…

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I wondered, as well, but then realised that 50+ is like “up to 128MBps” :wink:


Looks like everyone who signed up to Monzo in late October/early November has to wait until January to get their account…
at least that’s what the app is saying


How do they get point 193 of a person?


:sweat_smile: I guess British-European numeration mix up? I wish there were only 22 and a fifth of a person in front of me, but I am afraid it’s over 22 thousand people.

(Michael) #182

I believe it’s down to the numeric config of the device, in some parts there’s . used for , and vice versa. In NL, that 1,000.50 would be 1.500,50


Yeah they’re all weirdos :wink:

(I work with Germans, Dutch and other strange cultures who think that a decimal point looks like a comma, so just joshin’ yah)

(Caspar) #184

To me, ‘by January’ means ‘before the end of December’, though it’s an awkward phrase to use.


So then…can someone from Monzo tell us how many offers have been made (and how many are made per day)?

(Sacha) #187

Is it just me, or has the number been supersized on the update page?

(MikeF) #188

If it hasn’t been changed then my eyesight has improved dramatically in the last two days!

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Yesh changed again, much bigger

(Michael Jenkins) #190

I wonder if it signifies something…overtaking a rival perhaps?


By tomorrow, if we are still on track, all pre-paid should have been offered a CA. Bear in mind, the number doesn’t update until the card has been activated, so we shall see. And, that’s if we are still on track.

(Michael Jenkins) #192

That would be disappointing, given 500k customers in total, and by tomorrow all of them have been given the opportunity to upgrade and currently only circa 70K CAs are live.

That’s a 14% take up rate.