Monzo Credit Card - what and why!

Which you can also say about a credit card.

All finance products can be used wisely or badly.


I like Flex. I use it. But a credit card is much more useful.

‘Flex something and pay the first instalment right away’ is no good for holds on hotels or car hires. Or if you don’t want to pay for something right away.

Also most credit card providers would be significantly more helpful than Monzo if you need to dispute a transaction.

Like I said, I like it, I use it. But for me, Flex is less errr flexible than a credit card. Both products have their uses.


“most credit card providers would be significantly more helpful than Monzo if you need to dispute a transaction“

How so? Experience or the very infrequent complainer online?

Personal experience. You really seem to have a bee in your bonnet about this. Try Amex live chat or phone then get back to me about how great Monzo customer messaging is, and about all the hoops they make you jump through.


Just curious as people generally throw shade at something they’ve never experienced. I’ll take your word for it.

Never had a problem personally.

Like you, before you opened your Starling account.

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I don’t believe I’ve put Starling down without using them, having been a customer in the past, and not being able to open a new account as application got stuck from 2020, and then saying the app was dull (still is, just looks better in dark mode).

So it’s quite different.

totally agree, my partner was messed around by gotogate recently, after hours being messed around on the phone trying to make sense of them asking for money to amend a flight they cancelled despite it meaning the tickets he bought were now useless. He phoned Barclaycard and told them the situation and they took the charge off the card. I was sure they were going to say something about terms and conditions or something, but they just took it off. I don’t think you get that with a chargeback process.

I always make big purchases with a credit card, it’s just easier to get money back.


Not disputing this statement, really. But just pointing out, that if you use the Virtual Card with Monzo, you should (main word!) get the same experience, as it’s all down to S75 protection realistically.

I think the issues are related to Monzo customer support in general, which have been lacking to be polite.

For me the gold standard is American Express who broadly initially believe the customer (almost immediate refunding for example) and pursue the retailer.

Not to mention almost instant and immediate responses that at least make sense and a phone line I can get through to!


That’ll always be the case though, they charge different fees to merchants compared to normal credit cards, and you’re dealing directly with the credit card processor (similar to dealing with MC/Visa). Also, with paying a high fee to have the card there are higher expectations.

Not saying it’s right, or wrong, just not 100% sure that a comparison to Amex is fair to others. It’s somewhere that banks should aspire to be, but they definitely have better options (legally/contractually) at their disposal etc, instead of potentially having to go via MC/Visa to claim back with a potential period of dispute resolution etc.

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Nothing I’ve said couldn’t be done by Monzo, or any other bank. When I had an issue with my Halifax credit card they immediately refunded the purchase and went after the retailer.

It’s the customer service aspect.