Monzo Credit Card (Design Thoughts)

This may have already been suggested somewhere else, but anyone keen to see a Monzo Credit Card with a similar/superior points programme to AMEX. Monzo Black (or be different and make it white) Titanium Card with nothing but a big ‘M’ in the middle (keep it mysterious and simple - people will ask questions). All the cards would be black or white, but you could pick the colour of your ‘M’ (classic multi-colour, all gold (maybe for investors only), all red, all green, etc.) Can’t use AMEX everywhere, so I would suggest a processor that is more widely accepted than AMEX. Triple points for spending money at sustainable/ethical retailers/businesses. I would definitely pay a monthly fee for that and even switch from my AMEX! :slight_smile:

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I would actually back this personally too! A cashback credit card maybe seeing as the Amex ones either come with a hefty annual fee or doesn’t give you enough cashback to play with :roll_eyes:

True but it’s only 1% after 3 months if you spend more than £5k. If you spend less than £5k then you only earn 0.5% which isn’t that great unless you spend a lot (maybe I’m just stingy :joy:)

The other one has an annual cost of £25 and you earn 1% as normal after 3 months up to £5k, then 1.25% after £5k, so again, unless you’re a big spender it doesn’t really pay that well.

I got the Nectar one because I’m more likely to earn the points and keep them to one side for mini breaks away etc.