Monzo Complaints Adviser role

Feels like Monzo is very clear on the type of complaints they’re getting and want to know who can deal with them from the get go:

Scenario 1 - Identification of dissatisfaction
This customer has contacted us on chat with the below message. Can you read through and pick out the complaints points you would address if you were handling this please and then send those back to us? You can list these as bullet points. “A month is not acceptable, you are in breach of your own terms and conditions in serious breach of GDPR guidelines here!!! Is this a Joke?!?! It is insane how many times I have had to send a selfie with my ID. The customer service has been ridiculous, no one I speak to knows what they are doing, you are the worst bank ever and after this, I’m leaving Monzo.”

Scenario 2 - Vulnerability response

A customer has contacted us and we’d like you to reply to the customer focusing on your writing skills and any support you would offer to the customer. “Monzo, can you help me? I told you months ago I lost my job and now I can’t pay for my rent so I’m going to be homeless soon. I feel so alone and can’t afford to pay for my medication, please help me!” (recommended word count: 250 - 500 words) *

I don’t know what the market rate is, but something feels a bit wrong that they’re paying £23.5k (to 27k) for this and six figures for engineers. But maybe that’s a symptom of our broken economy rather than Monzo specific?


Supply and demand.

Not being disrespectful but that job is quite simple. I actually think that’s on the higher end for a relatively basic role, probably because they require some banking experience.

If this was complaints for Tesco, it would be probably £18k


That’s high for a CS role. I don’t disagree around your point around the difference but the IT industry is in a world of its own salary wise.

That first point is about seeing if the agent knows the difference between being annoyed and, specially, saying what the FCA would consider an “expression of dissatisfaction”. One could be logged as a complaint if the agent chose, one MUST be logged. Otherwise potential finez.

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Monzo do pay average for their entry roles, most banks do. Complaints is usually £24-26k. But when you compare this to most banks, monzo works a 40 hour week, majority others do a 35 hours week.

They are dropping to 37.5 later this year, so the grapevine says.

Starling I believe is £25.5k minimum for any starter, which is pretty good, for 37.5.


To add some insight into the discussion I currently work 40hrs/week, on 25.4k and Ive been here for a year, I started on 23,250.


Thanks for sharing. More salary transparency is a good thing, I think!



Please reference any literature that you may refer to, as applications that are highly plagiarised and not your own work. e.g. ChatGPT, will be declined.


Interesting how they may sense check that work - I’ve seen most of the “ai checks” fail drastically at spotting that


While I cannot speak for other AI writing tools, ChatGPT is designed to generate human-like text that can easily pass as something written by a person. However, it is always best to be transparent about the use of any AI writing tools during the application process. Additionally, companies may have their own policies on the use of AI writing tools in the application process, so it is important to check with them directly.



That would be below minimum wage. Minimum wage for a 40 hour week is £19,500, National living wage £21,600. Tesco actually pays its shop staff £11 / hour, which is £22 800 / year too.


It’s the wink that gives it away. Remove the wink and I’d never have noticed.


See I thought it was super obvious. But then I know how I type and speak.

I suppose on a job application they don’t know… so it would suck if you have always just been really good and formal and now you’re being seen as possibly an AI


It feels very machine-generated and while I might not reject this outright I’d scrutinise more thoroughly in subsequent rounds

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I thought it was super obvious too. But partially that might be confirmation bias because of thinking “this is exactly a situation where I would generate an AI reply for a laugh”.

I like to think, though, that it’s down to recognising the While… However… Additionally structure as being common to AI output. Humans, at least on message boards, don’t tend to quite so rigidly structure their replies.

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This is what I would think too, however (no pun intended) if I were looking at a job application it wouldn’t feel out of place.

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I think because it’s AI writing about AI, it’s got a feeeeel about it. I think if you’d written about customer service/complaints, it might have gone under the radar a bit.


Absolutely! I wish people can start to shake off the old corporate rubbish about keeping your salary secret, which is a fictitious rule set by corporations so no one knows how little they are paying everyone.

There is no way to check a text was written by an AI with any degree of certainty that would pass a legal test - i.e. you cannot prove it on a technical level (so if a job candidate was accused of using ChatGPT for their application and was rejected, the company better be aware the can’t prove their accusation easily or at all).
There are othe ways, of course; for example, get the person to write something under supervised conditions and compare to the alleged ChatGPT-produced text, in some cases if the person is a really bad writer, it will show, but in most cases it will be very difficult to tell without a forensic expert.


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