Monzo Community - Minimum word count

(Henry Pedro) #1

sorry if this is in the wrong section.

is there anyway the word count within this forum can be decrease

sometimes a response may only require one word but youre forced to write a sentence.


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No …:slight_smile:

(Henry Pedro) #3


that looks ridiculous

(Alex Sherwood) #4

I’m pretty sure that reason the word count is limited is because it’s generally considered best practice to use likes rather than creating a post to say “thanks” or simply that you agree with something :wink:

(Henry Pedro) #5

i see to your point @alexs but sometimes a “like” may not adequately express a point

(Alex Sherwood) #6

If you’re trying to make a point, I suspect you need more than 20 characters. Personally I’m not keen to see lots of “thanks” posts because however well intentioned they are, they’re really just noise, when you have the like option as an alternative.

But anyway, here’s some discussion from the creator of these sites on the reasoning behind the limit & it looks like Monzo can remove it…

(Herp Derp) #8


You want it increased, but don’t like writing a sentance. Am I missing something :wink:

(Henry Pedro) #10



So you want to INCREASE the minimum required to post a ONE WORD reply? I’m still scratching my head here?!

(Henry Pedro) #13

ive changed it …

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(Henry Pedro) #15

i blame it on that friday feeling


Time for a pint, first round on me :beers:

(Tom ) #17

I’m bumping this topic as there has been a big increase of people trying to ‘get around’ the minimum character limit. As you will have noticed, this Monzo community has a 20 character limit as default. Whilst it might seem irritating, it really is for good reason - it discourages adding posts with very little meaningful content.

There are, as people have found, workarounds (such as blurring text). However, this is more irritating than the original limit because other users will click on the blurred text, only to find it’s useless. Some users may also subscribe to a thread, and get notifications about new posts that are not adding to the discussion.

If you want to say ‘Thanks’ to someone (which is less than 20 characters!), just drop them a like.

(Tristan Thomas) #21

We’re more than happy to change this if people want…but…we tested changing it a while ago and the number of useless replies saying just “Thanks” or “+1” massively increased overnight.


Can you decrease instead of remove it? idk, maybe 15 characters or 10.

+1 is an awful post, but I have definitely replied with “wow” before.


Keep the minimum 20 chars. Danny can get round it now, anyway :roll_eyes:

(Nick) #50

Seems there’s also one for email response. I received help on the forum form several members and one of them emailed their contribution, to which I simply replied thanking them. Said email was bounced back seconds later with the helpful message I had not said enough. Well, as if email isn’t already enough of a curse, this has to be thought up by idiots.