Monzo closing my account - what can I do?!

I just had an email out of the blue saying Monzo are closing my account in May and it gives no reason at all.

I’m a premium customer and have been using Monzo as my main account for years and years. I did move to have my salary paid into a different bank in February, but have still been using my Monzo account. I don’t do anything particularly exciting with it, apart from occasionally (maybe 3 times a year) move savings through it from one place to another, which I always chat to them about in the app if it is over the transfer limit.

The email reads like a standard email you’d get if they think you’re money laundering or some other suspicious activity but this makes no sense to me, unless the small number of large transactions (for me - not large large!) spooked an algorithm, but if they thought they were suspicious they would have blocked them there and then.

They don’t appear to have the chat function in the app anymore and I can’t reply to their email.

Does anyone know what I can do about this?

It’s going to be a huge annoyance if they do close it, given I’ve used it for so long and it has all the payment details for everyone stored in there.

Bit shocked to be honest! :tired_face:

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There is nothing you can do. Monzo can close anyones account at any point. It might not be anything you’ve done, it could be someone you’re connected with but you’ll never know.

Don’t waste any time or energy worrying or trying to find out. Get a Chase/Starling account opened today and pretend Monzo doesn’t exist.


Open another bank account elsewhere.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do with Monzo now. The Terms and Conditions you agree to when you open an account include the following:

We can close your account by giving you at least 2 months ’ notice.

This means that as long as they give you enough notice, they can close your account for any reason and don’t have to say why.

(For the record, if on the other hand they close your account immediately, then that means they believe at least one of five specific terms has been broken.)

It sucks, especially when you’ve been a customer for years, and I feel for you. But the only thing that can be done is to move on.


Thanks guys.

I have other accounts so it’s not a massive drama but it is pretty annoying and actually quite sad given the length of time I’ve been a customer.

A a shame there’s nothing to be done too.

We will see if I come back in future I guess…



You can CASS your Monzo account to one of your other accounts and that will move all your payees, too.


Any crypto related transactions out of curiosity?

Nope :man_shrugging:t2:

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It’s not you, it’s them. They are no longer into you. It is their loss. They know it. And chose that.

It sort of even makes sense to close a random percentage of accounts to keep the overall system sane.

Especially if there is insufficient information. Instead of trying to figure out who is who, it might be cheaper and easier to just close all accounts matching a partial criteria.

Do not take it personally and move on. Monzo is not the best, nor the only bank out there. Do use CASS to move on.


Not sure what you mean by that? It makes no sense to me for any business to randomly close customer accounts.