Monzo closing my account (I’m not David)

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we can speculate if you want …and often do …why they are closing your account , and won’t delete your feed , but we are customers just as you are / were, and have absolutely no insight into the workings of your account, what you have used it for , to whom you have paid - wrongly … welcome to the forum by the way

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Not sure what answer you want to see here.

They’re allowed to close accounts and not give you a reason.

Deleting the record of things that have happened from someone’s account is probably one of the naughtiest things a bank could do. It simply won’t happen.


This is nothing to do with you. Stop attention seeking.

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They have to keep an accurate record of transactions so they can’t delete it

How do you accidentally send money?

My main takeaway from this topic is that @Feathers is back!



No one here can give you an answer or help you. Happy to speculate if you like but I doubt it’ll help.

You’ll say “I’ve done nothing wrong”
We’ll say “you must have done something”
monzo will say…….

I’d noticed the lengthy absence too. But if you want both intelligent involvement and timely topic closing @feathers is your go-to-person. Happy to see you back :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I guess I should’ve scrolled up a bit to get my answer! Now I just want to know what @Revels responded to that was deleted (like the user tends to do with comments here)

My inner :male_detective: pins (respectively) @davidbrockway and @DavidIsUpset as the same entity - the person and the super-hero alter-ego

Might be wrong :man_shrugging:

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I can confirm I don’t own that account nor, monzo is not closing my account I posted a response here saying it’s a troll and I was told to stop seeking attention

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I appreciate the response and clarification.



Clearly I’m not this thread is obviously a troll to my thread I posted.

Why do Monzo have your medical records?

Can’t comment on that sorry. It’s relating to a fraud case.

You can, but you choose not to, and that is ok.

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Okay, if I can comment it’s relating a fraud case. Please note tho this entire thread a troll I have flagged it but I’m unsure how long till the mods take action.

Monzo, requested my entire mental Heath medical records due to fraud.

You’ve literally said about all this on other threads

If you can’t comment then don’t bring it up in the first place