Monzo closed my account today

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Hello! We’re all customers and cannot help. If you are unsatisfied with the decision you can contact Monzo by emailing but it’s unlikely they’ll reverse their decision

If you are unsatisfied with Monzo’s final response you can complain to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS), but only once you received Monzo’s final response or a letter of deadlock

The FOS can take months and tends to side with banks in this area but it might be worth a shot if you didn’t break any T&Cs or committed anything untoward

Monzo’s email will tell you what happens to funds in the account and the timeframe for this

As others say, there usually is a reason for account closures but the bank legally cannot tell you what it is. There’s no point in going into speculation as threads just tend to spiral out of control


There is always a reason


Just out of interest, have you been dealing with cryptocurrency?

Closed today, or given two months notice of closure today? The two offer different possible reasons.

It appears from what we’ve seen that Monzo are very shy of telling customers why though, even if they are perfectly able to, which doesn’t help people understand. Perhaps this is the norm for banks but it doesn’t change how unhelpful it is.

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Would love to know the reason

Yes well I’m gonna go financial ombudsman as iv literally done nothing wrong

Well guess so but I’m gonna gift the it’s well out of order

You need to be able to prove that you have exhausted Monzo’s complaints procedure before going to the Ombudsman

You can do this by obtaining a final response or a letter of deadlock from Monzo following a complaint with them

Otherwise you’re just wasting your, and the Okbudsman’s time.

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No I don’t

I’m sure I’ll do just that cheers

Never gave any reason or notice just closed my account with out explanation

No none of them people have payed me into my account what’s owed to me that’s about it

If they didn’t give you any notice then they suspect you of fraud, this means they can’t tell you exactly why they’ve closed your account by law.

And the ATM dispute is not Monzo you’re waiting for, it’s the ATM provider to check and give you the money back.


All banks are the same. They don’t want to tip off in case financial crime is taking place. It’s a regulatory requirement. If they give two months it means they are suspicious of some transactions but they don’t have enough evidence, they see it as risk and they issue a notice to close. If it is instant notice to close it means they have strong proof that there is clearly financial crime taking place. But they are not allowed to tell either way, it’s unfair yes but it’s right!

Iv never frauded anything in my life only reason I can think of them closing my account is people paying money into my account that’s owed to me other than that I haven’t a clue but it’s not fare way I have been treated I’m far from a fraudster

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I’m very well aware of all of that, as are most of us forum regulars I suspect, but thanks anyway. You obviously missed the

part of the comment, which wasn’t referring to (suspected) fraud cases but all the others.

Perhaps one of the people paying into your account was dodgy in some way and you are tainted by association? Difficult to say, Monzo don’t reveal such things.