Monzo Client Redirect URI

I’m new to the Monzo API and I am trying to authenticate using the Monzo API. I have got as far as the Monzo login page but when I press the submit button I am getting the error:

  1. code: “bad_request.bad_param.redirect_uri”
  2. message: “redirect_uri is invalid”
    My redirect uri seems to work fine when I enter it directly into Safari. I suspect that I haven’t set my client up correctly on the Monzo Developers page. Anyone got any advice??


For the benefit of anyone who comes across this (I assume Aoifemcl has already resolved it for themselves), I found just yesterday whilst getting started with laying with the API that:

  • What you send in the API request must exactly match what’s setup in the developers portal
  • It must have either the http:// or https:// at the start
  • It must have the trailing slash (although I was using just http://localhost/ so this may be inaccurate if you’re using http://localhost/callback or similar)
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