Monzo Business bank to FreeAgent iOS syncing experiment

Hey all,

:briefcase: Background

I am one of the lucky 100 business bank customers currently testing out the Monzo business bank offering. At the moment it has all the goodness expected of a Monzo bank account, however, it is missing FreeAgent syncing.

I am sure the Monzo Business banking team are working hard on a solution to elegantly sync transactions using FreeAgent’s API, but I don’t know how long it will take Monzo to get the official integration launched.

:white_check_mark: Solution

You can obviously do this using the QIF format, but since I am an iOS Developer and wanted a challenge, I decided to make a quick ‘share extension’. Instead of using the QIF format, the extension converts the exported CSV file provided by the Monzo app to the format expected by FreeAgent’s CSV import form :sunglasses:.

:man_shrugging: Why?

I did it more so to see if it was possible, and just a bit of fun on a lazy Sunday :sweat_smile:. If people are interested, I might push it to a public repository on Github :smiley:.

You can see the demo video here -

:thinking: More?

Assuming the official integration isn’t yet launched, I may extend the ‘share extension’ to push up the CSV / QIF format directly to FreeAgent using their API :nerd_face:.


That’s very cool - thanks for exploring what could be done!

I’m a HUGE FreeAgent fan too :slight_smile:

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Starling just announced FreeAgent integration today.

Personally I’d like to see integration with WaveApps.