Monzo binance

Hi I have used monso on binnance small amount 100 pounds with no problem now done some research and now worried they will close my account this is as everyone saying monzo don’t like you using it

Any info would be appreciated

Nobody knows what Monzos limits are and Monzo will never tell you.

If I remember correctly all they say is that as long as it’s for personal use and you use a reputable exchange you’ll be fine. All that anyone can provide beyond this is pure speculation.

It seems that most banks are not keen on crypto, so the conclusion people on here came to is to use a separate bank account for this - one that you won’t mind being suddenly closed.


Don’t worry about it, as above they’ve said fine with personal use. I suspect the ones you’ve seen closed may possibly have been using the accounts as traders. But that’s hearsay and I’ll shush on that point as no it’s speculation.