Monzo authentication sign in (like 'sign in with google' feature)

With iOS 13 out, I’ve noticed the signup/login with apple feature, which is really convenient.

One thing I love about PayPal, you can just sign in and not have to bother registering card details (on sites you’ve never bought anything on before, or have to register a new card).

Is it possible to have a similar feature with Monzo, add payment details or sign in with Monzo feature? It would be dependent on third parties incorporating Monzo’s API’s etc to get it working, but I think it could have some traction.

I’d love this. Lots more to say, but maybe later!

Nice idea, not sure Monzo has the traction for that mind you.

Paypal was spun off from eBay so already had a far larger userbase than Monzo does, and a global presence.

One day maybe, one day…