Monzo as a going concern

All level 3’s can

tbf in all the the thread name madness, i think the titles better as a question


TIL I’m level 3! I presume that’s what the number next to my N references? I just assumed that was my account age in years. :exploding_head:

Edit: definitely not my account age in years given that I only signed up in 2019! Not sure why I thought that.

I’ll withdraw from this discussion now, as I don’t yet have anything to add that contributes to the topic. Thanks for the enlightenment.

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I too have monzo plus, and use it as main account.

No, unlike you I am not concerned at all.

Monzo has more deposits with Bank of England and UK government treasuries to cover all balances in the current accounts.

If monzo were to start shutting down, administrators will be called in and things will most likely continue operating as normal. Thus you would be able to continue using your account as normal, you would not notice a thing. If they were to wind down you would be able to use a current account switch to move to a different bank. Or for example some other bank might buy them out and carry on as normal. Thus there will not be a panic or urgent need to move money.

I’ve been through Santander Abbey takeover, Lloyds TSB split, Virgin Money Vs Clydesdale takeover, MBNA takeover, Coventry building society stopping current accounts… And it all went fine / seamless.

The funds will not be stuck, and will be easily accessible.

Monzo’s most recent annual accounts show that everything is good, and they are good to operate for the next year. That is normal and as per uk law and regulations.

The accounts do show that monzo is not yet profitable, meaning they need more users to sign up for Monzo Plus. If you are happy with Monzo Plus, do tell your friends to sign up too!


I wonder quite why anyone other than the OP and the moderators should be able to edit a topic title.


Monzo has a loyal customer base, and (I suspect) one that will weather the current financial storm at least a little better than average.

I would say the risk is not that you end up needing a new bank and a claim with the FSCS but that Monzo ends up getting owned by Amazon, Google or (worst case scenario here…) an old world bank.

Wouldn’t even need to change where it is hosted!


Rename Monzo Plus to Monzo Prime?


Maybe Apple should buy them :sweat_smile:

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They’re FSCS regulated, which means if Monzo went out of business, you’d get your money back (up to a limit of £85k) within a week.


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I wouldn’t worry, every bank is facing the same thing at the moment.

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Yes, there is no doubt that other banks are suffering too, a lot depends on the reserves a bank has and they all were shock tested also.

It’s always prudent to have a second account and a card.

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In July 2019 in one of the unofficial Slack channels, I predicted Apple would buy Monzo in March 2020

Damn that coronavirus

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Good bet. I do think Monzo & Apple have a lot of similar stances on things, and if Monzo get a US license, it could be a good way for Apple to get into banking easily.

But doubt it’ll happen.

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I don’t think Apple would want to be in banking, definitely not in the US. Credit cards are the default method for most things in the US

Now entering the UK market would be a different question

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Guess I best ditch my HSBC account soon as well then :man_shrugging::joy::rofl:


Is anyone going to talk about the worrying position the COVID pandemic has put Monzo in? I mean we’re looking at a default rate of 14% here. That’s not good for any bank and especially bad for a challenger bank. I understand that deposits are protected up to £85,000 however it’s doesn’t bode well for Monzo’s longevity.

I mean, you could just look at any of the other topics covering this, where it’s been discussed to death?

Or start a new topic, whatever.


If you’ve been reading the forum since, well, March, you would’ve seen that we’ve talked about it plenty.

You’d also see the default rate isn’t that bad when you compare it to, say, the billion-pound defaults and Natwest, Lloyds, etc are expecting.

It’s almost a storm in a teacup, when you look at it in context.

ETA: (drat, @tbutz beat me to making the point, because I just had to keep typing too many words :rofl:)