Monzo App Security

Just a thought, I know that Monzo make it easy to manage your money and the whole app is made very simple to use, however personally I feel security is a little lack, thoughts ?

For the people who use Monzo as their daily account, and also use it for their savings, which could potentially be a large amount, (saving for a car, house deposit etc) I honestly there should be at the very least two factor authentication to setup a new payee, where they send you a text to confirm a new payee for the first time.

The reason why I mention this is because you can login to Monzo simply though email. So essentially if my email account password was compromised then someone could simply download the Monzo app on another device and access my account.

I really would like there to be 2FA when setting up new payees

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They’d need your PIN to open the app after installing and to pay someone


True MFA is lacking in a lot of banking apps. Using Authy or Google Auth would be a great bonus for securing the account.

Do you secure your email with MFA?

They don’t need the PIN to open the app, but your right they do need the PIN to pay someone, I did forget about that.

However the PIN of every Monzo user was recently compromised due to the way Monzo stored them, if I remember correctly ?

No, it wasn’t. It was potentially visible to a limited number of engineers if they looked (which they didn’t) at the log of a small number of customers who had cancelled a standing order (and something else) during a small window of time

Here’s the blog about it

I was asked to enter pin when I reinstalled my app recently

Here’s a long thread about security


No they were not. Let’s make that very clear.


No, you didn’t.


You could put 2FA on your email.


4 digit PIN that doesn’t change, for making new payees and sending money, isn’t enough in my opinion, I’d like at least 6 digits.

Why is that more secure than a 4 digit PIN?


For setting up a new payee, there should be a text confirmation and also pin conformation,

once the payee is setup, just pin

To get onto the app there is the option to use your fingerprint if your phone has one, but let’s just say they they somehow got past that, they still need to use the PIN to get money out of the account.

I would like to setup Face ID however Monzo don’t seem to accept this anymore ?

My app accepts FaceID on iOS.

I paid my house deposit fine without extra 2FA.

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Maybe this will help you: Face ID Disabled

Have you got the latest update, mine looks completely different on IOS ?

This is mine

Turn on touch ID instead? :see_no_evil:

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That’s the new settings menu

Touch ID should do the same thing (I think)

Doesn’t work, when I enable Touch ID, then it doesn’t require Touch ID or Face ID when opening the app